Use Go Back In Time to remove charged weekend fee

My card is supposed to be in USD, but by mistake, it was selected as EUR.
Transaction was in USD, and somehow, it occurred after midnight today, so Curve charged me a huge weekend fee.

Now, my thinking, in order to fix this, was to use GBIT. (Not sure I can just contact Curve and tell them to remove the conversion fx and just use the original transaction because the card is USD and was selected as EUR by mistake (?))

But the question is:
If I use GBIT and move the EUR transaction (which incurred a fee because the original transaction in USD was converted into EUR) to another EUR card (on Monday), will the Curve weekend fx disappear or not?

In other words, will Curve remove the original USD transaction, FX conversion and fee, and as moving it to the new EUR card, perform another fx conversion (but now, no weekend fee), or will the original fx conversion remain because it’s transacting the post-fx value in EUR?

Thank you.

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That’s a great question. I’d like to know the answer too.

From my experience of doing GBIT on an FX transaction, if you move it to another card in the same currency as the original card it will be charged exactly the same amount, even though the exchange rate may have changed. I haven’t tried with a fee, but I don’t think this matters.
If you move to another card in the purchase currency however (a USD card in your case), then the original card is refunded the whole charge including the fee, and the card you move to is charged the original amount of the purchase. So doing this would allow you “reverse” the fee.


The issue here is that my only USD card was the one selected. But it was selected as EUR, and the transaction was in USD. If I use GBIT to another card, and use the original transaction (USD), any of the other cards will charge me a fee.

Curve charged me ~8.5€ for this.

I’m with you—I also think that if I move the transaction to a EUR card, it will move the overall amount (including the fee), hence why my question here.

Not sure what I can do about this situation. I guess it’s on me for not spotting that the card was in EUR instead of USD as it should be… but I’m trying to find a solution, whatever it may be, and I’m open to suggestions.

Thank you.

Hey! @Micke is correct in this case! The best thing to do in these situations is to GBIT to a card in the original currency (in this case USD) as this would remove the fee you were charged. However, as this is not possible in your case, it may be worth contacting our support team to see what they can do to help.

If you explain the situation they may be able to refund you the fee, but it will be at their discretion!

Hello @Social_Adam! I sent them a message through the app. I told them that the card was in the wrong currency by mistake, and asked them they can just reverse the fx conversion and let the original USD transaction go through.

If they do it, I’ll upgrade to Metal in July, as a thank you! Fingers crossed.

If you need any help with it, please feel free to pop me a message on here and I’ll see what I can do!

Hello. Sorry for the late reply.

They said they can’t do anything and they won’t refund me. I have recently just upgraded to the Black card, so this is really unfortunate.

I’m sorry to hear this! If you’d like, you can pop me your email address in a private message and I can take a quick look into this! Can’t promise I’ll be able to get a solution however I might be able to provide some more clarity as to why this has occurred :slight_smile: