Use Native in-app Safari control

On iOS, currently Curve uses a custom control web-view for the Community which always cuts off the top of the page and makes the page almost unusable as a result.

Would you consider switching to the standard in-app Safari web-view, which has a navigation toolbar for back/forward and also wouldn’t have this issue?

Or at least look into adding some pixel padding to bring the top of the page down below the header?

It appears that the top of the page renders “underneath” the header label for Community, which means it isn’t clickable as a touch target. I am seeing this on an iPhone X, but I am assuming that it affects all iOS devices.

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I searched and found the same thread similar to yours, if it had already been discussed! I also have an iPhone and I struggle to use the community via the app.

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I close this thread, so we can continue talking about it in the one previously created.