Useless curve support and urgent situation

If curve support have no intention to do something, how do I contact somebody any curve authority with higher rang?

I have an issue on my curve account. Every time I want to “go back in time” (gbit), I am being charged twice. The payment goes as planned on a new card, but transaction is also being reserved on an old card! I know that this reservation is going to revert after 7 days or so…but I dont have time or money to wait.

Everything began when I “gbit” one transaction and I’ve been charged on a BLOCKED credit card that I HAD In curve before.

Please, if some qualified moderators reads it, can you please PM me and I give younall information you need!

I have 3 moderators looking at my support ticket for 5 days now…no answer nor solution!

the moderators here on the forum, are users like you! Reply to the support email with “Urgent”. It’s the only advice I can give you.

This does not depend on Curve, but on your bank.


If replying with ‘urgent’ doesn’t do the trick then the only other thing I can suggest is calling the number on the back of the card.

Hey, in this case I would recommend what @ediflyer has mentioned and give our support team a call so you can speak to somebody directly!

I thought everybody sad that that number on the back of the card is only for blocking the card when stolen…or not?

where can I complain about customer service! I still did not get an answer!


Did you get to speak to someone on that number?

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