Using Card on Trainline or similar

Question. If I use my Santander card to book train tickets on Trainline can I collect the tickets at the station with my curve card. Or do I have to use my curve throughout with Santander selected?

How does it work?

You have to use the card you paid with, ie if you use your Santander card, the curve card will not work.

The exception is if you do it via PayPal, then you can pick up with any card you want (doesn’t matter if it’s Curve, Santander, some other bank). Other sites, like Virgin Trains, offer this function too.

As an aside, don’t use Trainline, they change fees you can easily avoid booking directly with any of the train companies (every company sells every train ticket, pretty much), and you might lose extra benefits, such as automatic refunds if there is a delay (Virgin) or free wifi (LNER). Exception if you have the curve cashback on trainline, you have to make a judgement whether Trainline’s fee makes it worth it, but otherwise there is no reason to use trainline over any of the train company sites.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

So if I book using my curve card I cant then go collect the tickets with my curve? Even if I have the same card within curve selected?

Trainline doesn’t charge fees if you book on the day of travel. I only go from WGC to London, they keep a nice history of my tickets for when I get around to doing my end of year travel usage fro being self employed. I only take the train a handful of times a month.

Correct. You need to bring the card that you used to complete the payment. In the case of using the Curve card details to complete the purchase, you’ll need to bring the physical Curve card to collect.

If you book with Curve, you use your curve card to collect. Doesn’t matter which card is selected as the underlying card when you go to the machine, as all it checks is the card number (and expiry, possibly?).


Thanks very much. I guess this is the same as when purchasing from Amazon or any online store? I can use my curve details and just make sure the correct card is selected within the app? Or do I have the wrong end of the stick?

Thank you. Just getting my head around using the card online for bookings and purchases etc.

Yes, that’s right :slight_smile: Please do be aware that Amazon waits to charge you until they ship the product. At that point they charge the card you currently have on your app. If you have changed your card by then, you can use the Go Back in Time feature to change which card it was charged to.

If you have any questions regarding your transaction, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts within the Customer Support team. They will be able to help you out in any case :smiley:

Perfect, all starting to click into place now.

On that note, using the card as a Contactless card in the Oyster area works similarly - you aren’t charged by TfL until the end of the day for the whole day’s worth of travel.

If you might use it for this, it’s worth registering your card on the TfL website to make sure everything is working properly.

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How do I go about spending the curve rewards? I have ÂŁ6 that would easily get me round London for the day?

Again, thank you for your patience.

How do you spend the curve rewards?

Select the Curve rewards card in the app - as you would any other card. Just remember to make sure you have enough rewards to cover the transaction & swap it back afterwards.

It depends what and how many journeys you make. To charge it to Curve Rewards you would have to leave that card selected overnight. TfL Contactless payments aren’t charged when you go through the barriers, but in the middle of night (or could even be days later). In fact, if you leave Curve Rewards selected, you’ll get a notification from Curve prompting you to change back, because you might make other purchases in the meantime.

I wouldn’t risk using Curve Rewards for those payments, if a card is declined by TfL they repeatedly try to make the transaction, and if it keeps failing they could potentially block your credit/debit card from the network, and this can be really difficult to undo (friend of mine had 2 months of back-forward with TfL over it). I use their autotopup service with my Oyster Card and it is similarly brutal - they take the money a few days after my card actually tops up, always at about 4am, and if my card is declined they can block my oyster card. Hence I just leave my default Curve card as the credit card I generally use, and if it charges to the wrong place I can use Go Back in Time to fix it.

See the “Unpaid Fares” section on this page of the TfL site

I use my Curve Rewards for really cheap things like fast food or snacks in supermarkets and that clears it slowly with a low risk of it declining.

If you really want to spend Curve Rewards, yet prefer not to worry about blocked transactions, set another card as your preferred one in Curve and then simply use Go Back in Time to charge Curve Rewards afterwards. The amount will be returned on your original card. Another way of getting Rewards out of the app is using them to top-up Revolut.

I can’t go back in time to Curve Rewards?

Revolut’s a clever way though, I wonder if I can similarly them to myself…

Edit: It worked!

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You might be right. For some time I used to use Curve Rewards as my default card, as I had referred it to quite a few friends and basically used it as a free credit line. Then, I would Go Back in Time with each transaction to my regular debit card, therefore regaining credit on Curve Rewards. I assumed switching cards to Rewards would work as well, but it wasn’t an use case for me. By the way, back then, Revolut didn’t seem to accept Curve as a top-up eligible app. However, I tried it again after a few months and this time it all went smoothly. I assume that monzo should work analogically. Can’t check it though, as I’m not a UK resident and am not eligible for an monzo account.

Ah yes, I can go from Rewards to another card, but not from another card to Rewards.

I don’t have enough Curve Rewards to do a Revolut top up unfortunately (£10 min) but Monzo worked fine. I expect a Revolut payment request might work too.

Yes. I always work around the minimum top-up limit using the link and it works well with my regular cards, but I’m afraid it might cause problems with Curve as it (still! :scream:) doesn’t support 3DS, and that’s required for topping up Revolut with the link. Glad monzo worked for you, though.

Not quite yet :innocent: 3DS or some alternative has been suggested. Head over and give the post a like or reply if you would like to see it realised asap.

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