Using Card on Trainline or similar

Just on the subject of picking tickets up from the station.
The ticket machines will generally accept any card - it’s the booking reference that is used to get your actual ticket.

You don’t have to use the specific card you used to book them.

Inserting your card is just a way of activating the machine.

Pre-purchased train tickets where you have a ticket on departure reference you can use any card it does not need to be the card you paid on. The machines even state they are not charging your card just verifying your identity.

I never have the card used to pay for my tickets with me as they’re purchased on a company card and I never have a problem.

I’ve used the curve card twice now on trainline, using my curve card number and 3 digit number. Works as expected. Money comes out straight away so just make sure you have the correct card selected.

In terms of TFL. They seem to take an initial small payment out. Then at the end of the day or early the next day too it up to the correct amount. Annoying this with this is that the rewards only get added by the first amount so 10p or something and not the full £6. Maybe this is something curve could look into.

This is not always true. It depends on the booking engine policy, whether its a business account, or if a payment gateway (like PayPal) is used.

Don’t rely on it, Trainline is definitely one that DOES check the card number, unless its a business account or you use PayPal. You are told when you checkout, according to their FAQ:

Help required please !!! :flushed:

I’m not a Londoner so hardly ever used contactless to travel across town.

Today, I tapped my Curve card and wasn’t sure what to look at, so I tapped it a few times more. Then I saw the LCD screen. Didn’t know what damage I’d done, so used another contactless card to effect entry to the platform.

Question: does the Curve transaction time-out?
I’ll use the other card to complete the journey but wonder what happens to the Curve transaction.

You’ll probably be charged several times by TfL. If you register your Curve card at, you’ll be able to see all the charges and easily request a refund from TfL. They are generally pretty good with providing them.


Which I’ve now done - thanks Geoff :grin: