Using Curve blue card in India

Iam traveling back to India (Goa) and I was wondering could I use my Curve blue card there if so would I be charged many thanks …

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Perhaps @ic_wilson can tell us a little more about the Indian experience? :smile:

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How would I add India to my card Iam totally new to all this many Thanks.

You don’t have to add India to your Curve card (it will work in India without you having to do anything). What made you think you had to?

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On a previous comment someone mentioned you could add India… but thanks for clearing that up I can relax now

The ‘add’ in that comment was about adding India to a geographical map (because the Curve card has been used over there). :blush:


Many thanks for clearing that up…

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Curve works in India like any other country, no FX fees is a great benefit as we all know.
The only thing I would say about using credit cards in India is that acceptance is not as widespread as in many European countries. MasterCard is widely accepted, but not everywhere takes cards, or uses chip and pin. Cash machines are fairly easy to find, especially in cities, are often in locked bank foyers where you have to swipe your card to gain access, and often charge. As India is still quite a cash driven economy, take out plenty of cash when you find a machine that doesn’t charge! Rupees are not supposed to be taken into or out of the country, so you’ll struggle to do exchanges here, but you can take GBP and there are plenty of exchange places at the airport (usual cautions apply!). Many places will accept USD cash, but rates won’t be great and they will give change in Rupees. Major hotels, tourist shops etc will accept cards, and will often offer the opportunity to pay in GBP. Generally, you should decline this and pay in INR using Curve, the rate will be better. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the info … It’s my 5th time to India but 1st ever using the Curve card … Many thanks on the tips really appreciate it …

In India, the cards acceptability has increased drastically these days. However, there are a lot of digital payments to which foreigners don’t have access as they intend to use local bank accounts. Having said that, the cards most widely accepted are VISA and MC. Apart from that Diners is accepted almost in 95% of the places that Accept cards. AMEX is accepted at fewer places. Since Curve works on MC platform, it won’t cause any problem whatsoever. The shops use mostly Chip + Pin rather than NFC(Contactless). So do remember your PIN for Curve Card. Do let me know if you need any more help.


Thanks very much that is most helpful with that information thankyou …

I have tried Curve in India recently, most of the places it worked. At some places I had tell them it is international card, then they changed the settings on the reading machine. Surprisingly at few prominent places like KFC it did not work though it worked even in small grocery shops. It may just be case of operator of the machine not knowing to work with international cards.
Withdrawing money using curve was bit challenge as none of the ATMs I have tried dispensed money. I did not try at specific ATMS given in the link…
You can try at these listed ATMs.There is fair chance to get money the given location on the link


Just as an update on this I tried a few times to withdraw cash from ATMs in Mumbai with no success. This was in major banks like the Bank of India in prominent locations as well as machines in upmarket Malls and our hotel complex.

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