Using CURVE card abroad, how to...?

Just a quick one can’t find any details online. If I go abroad and want to take advantage of fee free spending either cash machine withdrawal or wireless spending, do I need to change the currency for the payment card in the app first to the local currency?

What happens if you don’t or if you later move a transaction, would you need to change the currency for the card you are moving it to first etc?

I’m a little unclear on the actual steps to correctly use Curve abroad.

Thank you


Let’s assume you are going to the USA. And your underlying card is a GBP card.

If you want Curve to do the currency exchange, leave your underlying card to GBP, if you want your underlying card to do the exchange (but still want to use your Curve card for the payment, I stead of using it directly) set your underlying card to USD.

And to be sure with…Curve Blue the fee free monthly currency exchange amount is limited and also in the weekends there is a FX mark-up when using Curve (Blue, Black or Metal) for the exchange.

Ah so I wouldnt use my UK bank account card aboard due to fees etc. In that case I’d simply use my Curve card as I would here and leave the currency set to UK. Curve will do the rest and charge my UK bank account in UK currency?

Glad I asked now


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