Using Curve in France - motorways and petrol stations

Am hoping to go to France later this summer given the announcements this week, travelling by car.

I’d like feedback on using Curve in France specifically at the automated toll booths on French motorways and at pay at pump at French petrol stations. Have people done this and had their Curve cards accepted?

Thanks in advance.

I have a UK Curve account but spend some time living in France. My Curve card is linked to cards both UK and French and I have no trouble using it at all when linked to my French card. In fact one of my nominated Cashbacks is a French supermarket. Enjoy the hols.

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Living in France. I have French and American cards connected to curve. It works well at automated fuel pumps. You’ll see the preauthorization which stays pending in curve and then gets adjusted a couple days later with the actual amount.


For highways tolls too ! does work quickly and no issues since a lot .

Thank you all, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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How does the conversion rate compare with the Visa/Mastercard rate for the exchange rates? Does Curve apply any fee’s at all?

Wholesale MC rates, no fees up to varying levels of monthly spend depending on card level (Blue/Black/Metal).

Don’t forget to mention the weekend mark-up :slightly_smiling_face:

And the limit of free currency exchange before the fee

So using Curve metal Mon to Friday spending €100 it will be converted by Curve to the underlying card by curve to by charged in £ at the interbank rate plus 0.5% curve fee?
Will the underlying card charge the 2.99% foreign transaction fee?
Normal retail purchase not ATM withdrawal.

Anyone can confirm that please?

My understanding is that in the example you cite you’d have the conversion made at interbank rate. No curve fee of 0.5% as this comes within your fee free spending as a metal cardholder.

Your underlying card would be charged in GBP so therefore would not be treated as a foreign transaction and therefore not incur fees.

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Thanks for your time and reply it’s much appreciated :blush:.

Just to feed back, returned from trip to France a couple of days ago.

Curve worked a dream pretty much across the board - including at Petrol pumps, I would advise that Total seems to block about 150.00 EUR when you fill in addition to the amount of fuel taken which does drop off eventually but which takes a few days, this is not Curve’s fault however.

Didn’t use at Motorway tolls in the end as we purchased a tag before travelling.

Only place we had slight issues incidentally was Flunch restaurants - wouldn’t work contactless there either via card or Google Pay but chip and pin worked fine.

Elsewhere used the card worked fine with Contactless, Google Pay and chip and pin.

Great to have the instant spend notifications too on your phone with sterling conversions, will be a bit of a blow if this becomes harder after January with the end of free EU roaming, but I’ll stop now at the risk of getting political…