Using Curve Metal Abroad?

I’m struggling to get a definitive answer on this…

I’m going to Spain in a couple weeks and curve say that they don’t charge fees for foreign transactions. My question is if I use my Tesco credit card through my curve card abroad will Tesco credit card not charge me any fees because I’m using it through curve? Or am I still liable for fees from Tesco just not from curve?

I’m looking to just use my card out there as I’m only there for a couple days but if I’m going to get charged a percentage for each transaction from Tesco then I would rather change money before i go

Would appreciate a simple answer to this if poss

Hey @phillyburns, welcome to the community!

As long as your in-app currency matches the currency that the underlying card is issued in, you’ll be using your Curve FX limits!

Get in touch with us at if you’d like to confirm what tier you’re on and what your FX limits are, and enjoy Spain! :grin: :beach_umbrella:

Indeed, as long as your in-app currency matches the currency that your Tesco underlying card is issued in, Tesco will not charge you.

But, to be 100% complete, Curve does apply a 0,5% weekend mark up…

“On weekends, which we count as Friday 23:59 - Sunday 23:59, the UK foreign exchange markets are closed. During this time, we take the rate from Friday 23:59 and charge an additional 0.5% for all transactions made in GBP, EUR and USD and 1.5% for all other supported currencies.”

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Thanks for the reply. I was worried I was going to get charged by Tesco but it is in uk currency so all is good. Plus I go to Spain on the Monday :grin: thanks!

Not a problem! Enjoy your holiday :grin:


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