Using Curve on Amazon

I recently did that thing where I “accidentally” selected to trial Prime delivery for free. Anyone who has done this will understand what I mean.

Anyway, I decided I would keep Prime having seen some shows on Prime that I liked.

A few days later Amazon contacted me to say my Prime account was suspended as there was a problem with my payment card. When I looked my Curve card was the default card. I couldn’t see any reason why it was not working, I even deleted and re-entered it. But still it isn’t acceptable for Prime.

Has anyone else suffered this? Any ideas why?

Just to be clear, I can make pruchases with the card and have done recently so its only Prime that appears to have the problem.

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I haven’t tried Prime, but I couldn’t use Curve to purchase on Amazon. The transaction failed.

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Weird, I use my Curve card with Amazon all the time.

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I am also a Amazon Prime member and using my Curve without any problems

Do you definitely have the debit card and not the old prepaid?

Definitely the Debit card (Mastercard with the debit mark.) It begins 5375 91,

This was only Prime. I can purchase without issue. Does your card begin 5375 91? If so that’s the same as mine. (Mastercard - Debit)

Are you sure Prime uses this card.

My Card begins with 5375 90 , its a debit Mastercard.
How i can see if prime use the Card? Buy prime products or the Membership fee?

That’s the BIN of Curve’s commercial card. Maybe that’s why you’re having issues with Amazon? Just me thinking out loud.

Ahh…I wonder if that’s what it is. I was an early adopter (as a self employed person it worked well for me) of the commercial version.

Either way, its staying as my default card, so no Prime for me.

Your Account , Manage Your Prime Membership. Your Payment Method

Someone has pointed out my card is a corporate card, but checking on lone yours is too.

Hey ho!

I have the commercial card and it works fine.


Hey again, ich checked it now. Amazon has no problem with my Curve Card.

Then it’s really weird. Maybe the OP should try deleting the card and re adding it. (The card version of turning it off and back on again.)

I have done that!! Sad smiley!

Its not a big issue. I get caught out by the Prime trick every now and again, At least this way they stop it for me.

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Thanks for checking.

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I am using my Curve Card since the beginning with Amazon and it works great!

Hmm ive just had the same issue, trying to use my new card on amazon but its being declined. Anybody have any other ideas?

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Has anyone else been unable to use their Curve card to pay for Amazon orders. I got a simple order for a dvd declined, having used the Curve card for the first time.

Curve say it’s because the MCC is for a direct marketing transaction and this is against their security settings.

I’ve asked Amazon why this but while waiting for the reply, I’d thought I’d ask if anyone else had trouble with this.

Ironically, it’s one of the merchants on my reward list.

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According to Curve, it is because Amazon are sending an MCC that means direct marketing and this is a security risk. I’ve contacted Amazon about it and they are investigating.

I’ll keep you posted.