Using Curve on London Tube and Bus

Is there a problem with Using the Curve card on the London Underground?

I have been in London all this weekend and the card could not be used for travel.

Hey Scott,

That shouldn’t be the case! Would you be able to contact us ( so we can look into your account for you and find the cause? Alternatively you can raise a support ticket in the app.

There have been a couple of system outages that I received emails about (I’m now signed up to alerts) - perhaps your travel coincided with them?

I have a problem with using my Curve card on the tube. Going into the tube is easy, just contactless swipe.
Coming out of the tube, especially the second and subsequent trip of the day of often gives me the “seek assistance” message.
Usually, just going to a different gate and trying again works. Sometimes if take 4 or 5 goes.
In the worst cases, I go to the attendant to tell them it isn’t working, they try it and then it works immediately and I look like an idiot who doesn’t know how to swipe a contactless card.
Maybe something to do with how LUL compare their records to the previous day’s transactions to work out how much to charge has trouble working with Curve?

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I have never been able to use my non-UK cards (even via apple pay) on tubes and buses.

My Curve Card works fine on all London transport and so does my wife’s.

Used my Curve card for several Tube trips for the first time at the weekend. All trips worked fine except one occasion when leaving a station I got the “seek assistance” message 2 times at the gate, then it worked fine the 3rd time.

I registered our Curve cards on the TFL website so I could print out VAT receipts, maybe that’s why I’ve never had a problem.

Knowing how this works, it is probably just a timing issue. The gate needs an immediate response from the card provider, so Curve has to respond “yes he’s good for the money” in less than a second.Any delay and it will give up.

The timing could be the problem as I also find it some times takes ages to when using cashless, a lot of times I just give up and slot the card

Turns out I was completely wrong. This is not a real-time process as I had assumed, so timing is not the issue.

I do have a friend who is close to the contactless system, he helped put it in place. He says the biggest issue is people…not the system. Make sure you present the card flat.

Face down the reader has also helped me. This is a regular problem I’ve had on the tube though also

A long shot but if it’s never worked have you used it in an ATM? London underground require somehow that cards have been used once in an ATM i.e. with a PIN.

OK, Thanks will try that next time I’m in London

I think it depends on your bank. All of my non-UK cards worked every time, though my partner’s non-UK card didn’t work.

I use mine on TFL services on my works credit card. But always get questions because the curve card registers a 0.10p Charge , then later sometimes days makes the balance up with another charge.any ideas why ???

That’s TFL first authorising payment & then taking payment when they know what your spend is for the whole day.

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I use my US credit card on Curve for transit on London underground every day.

Correct, this doesn’t always happen (typically if you have a few days between TFL transactions) but they pre-authorise with a 0.10 GBP transaction (to check your card is valid) and then charge the full amount at a later date, after all journeys are complete!

This is a restriction most banks (I’d say All because every bank i’ve heard of does it, but i’m not familiar with every bank) place on any contactless use.

You must first use an ATM or perform a pin authorised transaction to confirm you know the pin and are the person who is meant to have the card, before they’ll process any contactless transactions.

Some banks will require this check periodically, some appear not to after the first one. So even if it worked last weekend you can sometimes be in the situation where it doesn’t work this weekend. Some banks will even process x £’s of transactions before enforcing the pin authorisation check.