Using Curve with Virgin Atlantic Credit Card abroad

Hey all.

First post here, as I’m struggling to understand something about using the Card abroad for purchases.

I’ve added my new Virgin Atlantic MasterCard to Curve with the sole intention of using Curve for spending abroad on a long trip to Canada this month. There is a great 30k flying club miles bonus for spending 3k in the first three months.

However I’m yet to get a clear answer on whether Virgin Money will are the spending as non-sterling and therefore apply a fee.
My understanding was that Curve converted all overseas spend to £ before passing through but I’m now worried that somehow despite that I’ll be charged a 2.99% fee. All Curve help said was that they pass through the MCC and I need to check with my card issuer.

Does anyone have any experience with using this card with Curve and maybe put my mind at ease?

I’ve used my virgin atlantic card with Curve a lot. As long as you have the card currency set to £ in Curve, virgin don’t charge any fees. Curve does the currency conversion and Virgin only see a GBP transaction.


That is fantastic news thanks.

Have you used it for cash withdrawals also? I’m assuming that they would be subject to a cash advance fee from Virgin money, at 5% right?

I’ve used it for a cash withdrawal in the UK, and didn’t get charged cash advance fees. I haven’t used it for a cash withdrawal overseas though.


I guess there’s only one way to find out!

Yes ! Only one : GO!

I do it here in France with my Bulgarian card too. Just for try, i have switched severall times the currency of my bulgarian underlying card between BGN and Euros.
No fees when switched for Euros. Thanx a lot Curve !

Thanks for that post just got my Virgin cr/card and was happy to hear the responses you’ve got :flushed::thinking::blush:


I don’t understand. When you are in France and you have a Bulgarian underlying card and set the currency to EUR for that card, why thank Curve for not charging any fees?
If no fees are charged in this case, you should thank your Bulgarian card issuer for that.
The only thing Curve does in this case is pass along the original amount you have spent (since you are in France that is in EUR) to your underlying Bulgarian card, then your Bulgarian card does the conversion from EUR to BGN.

If you are in France and you have a Bulgarian underlying card and set the currency to BGN for that card, and no fees are charged, then you can thank Curve for that.
In this case Curve detects that the currency (EUR) you’re spending in is different than the one you have chosen for your underlying card (BGN) and does the conversion from EUR to BGN.
Also see here.

So in the example of the use of a UK-card in Canada. If you want Curve to do the conversion from CAD to GBP, the currency of the underlying UK-card should be set to GBP.

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Hi Paul . My Thank for Curve is a global Thank for all .
Thank you Curve to offering us this amazing tool.
But for what i said in my previous post, if i pay directly with my Bulgarian card ( locked in BGN) here in France , i do have fees from the bulgarian bank.
If i pay with my bulgarian (set to EUR) card through Curve, no fees.
Only possible with Curve.
Thank you Curve for existing. Pat.

Very hard to imagine. Because if you set your underlying Bulgarian card to EUR in the Curve-app and pay with your Curve card in France, you are basically paying directly with your Bulgarian card! So take out your calculator and check the conversion rate on your Bulgarian Creditcard overview. Probably the fee is not mentioned separately, but I am quite sure it is included in the rate. And if not, you should thank the Bulgarian card issuer and not Curve.

To let Curve do the conversion your underlying Bulgarian card should be set to BGN in the app. That is just how it works:

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Hello Paul…I apologize for all that, you are right ! It’s my mistake !
My bulgarian card is now issued in EUR. not in BGN…( the previous was issued in BGN but was a prepaid card and not allowed into Curve. The new one is a debit card).
But after recordind it in the Curve-app, the currency was automatically displayed in BGN…(maybe the bulgarian bank detected by Curve ).
That means when i switch the currency for EUR, i use the real currency of the card, and when it was in BGN, i had fees from the curve conversion…

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