Using my revolut card, via Curve, for overseas payments in foreign currency

Hi Guys, when overseas i currently do all my payments via my Revolut card, which automatically selects the local currency and takes from the relevant account (USD, EUR, HKD etc). If i leave my Revolut card at home, and only travel with Curve Metal (with revolut card selected in the app), will the card function in the same way for me? i.e. will it automatically debit the relevant native currency account in revolut. thanks!

Yes, you’ll just need to change the currency of the card to be used on Curve (in the card settings) and select the currency to be used on Revolut.

You cannot set up Curve to automatically pass through the currency of the purchase, if that’s what you mean. You have to manually change the currency setting of the Revolut card in the Curve app, to prevent Curve from doing the exchange. There is an old idea here to make automatic currency pass through possible, you can vote for it here: