Using Revolut virtual card abroad with Curve

I live in the UK and have added my virtual Revolut card to my standard curve account.

In the Curve app, if I select Euros as the Revolut card currency (and obviously have the Euro account selected on the Revolut app) can I use the curve card elsewhere in Europe without having any further exchange rate being applied? (ie as if its a local card)
Can I spend beyond the £500pm limit in Europe without further charges from Curve?
And if I make ATM cash withdrawls via curve can I take out more than the equivalent of £200 without additional charges?

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In theory it should work like this and I hope also in practice. I am planning to use my Curve card ‘exactly’ like this in Canada (set my underlying Virtual Revolut Card to Canadian dollars in the Curve app) and have some Canadian dollars in my Revolut account.

The only limit that might be applicable is the Revolut ATM-limit, but, if Revolut does not recognize the ATM transaction you make with your Curve card as an ATM transaction, this limit also should not apply.

If Curve would get rid of their FX weekend surcharges, I would use Curve with my regular Dutch Creditcard as underlying card.


It will work exactly like that if by

you mean the Eurozone. If you go somewhere else, like Czechia or Sweden, make sure to set respective currency in Curve settings to use Revolut’s currency exchange rather than Curve’s.

The transaction goes through as a local one if the transaction currency matches your card currency, so avoid DCC (your terminal abroad might ask you if you want to pay in GBP, you don’t).

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From my own experience of using Revolut+Curve at the ATM, this limit didn’t apply.


I’m curious: why not just use your Revolut card directly? Curve doesn’t actually seem to be providing any advantage in this case. If anything it provides a disadvantage, as you have to remember to change the currency in the Curve app, where as Revolut automatically uses the local currency if you have a balance in that currency.

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A couple of reasons. One is that I’m trying to avoid paying the £4.99 delivery charge on a physical revolut card and making do with the virtual card! And two, I generally try to carry as few cards as possible and use my Curve card almost all the time, switching between the cards loaded on it as appropriate. I would keep the revolut permanently set to Euros when traveling in Eurozone, making it my card of choice while away.

I didn’t know that the physical revolut card automatically drew from the transaction currency (subject to balance) without needing to switch on the app, so that is a consideration for the future if i use revolut more and more.


There is a few advantages by using Revolut inside Curve. If you frequently use more than one card, you’ll get all the spending and analytics within one app making it easier to see your total spend. The disadvantage for users having Revolut Metal is that since all Curve transactions are processed in London, you only get 0.1% cash back, despite using the Curve card in the US or Asia. For that reason, I use my Revolut card everywhere outside of Europe and everywhere that accepts Apple Pay. Inside of Europe I use the physical Curve card rather than the Revolut one.