Using the Curve app on multiple devices

Your passcode is an additional layer of security, along with only being able to access the app on one device at a time.

I’ll definitely raise this with our team to see if it is an option, however, as this has been implemented as a security precaution, it’s not clear how long this would potentialy take.

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Even if I gave my phone to a thief, what could they do to steal money from me using only Curve’s app? It’s not retoric btw.

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No, only being able to access the app on on device at a time is an additional layer of (unnecessary) protection.

My password is the main layer of security.


^ This. All cards (including the Curve card) on the app only shows the last 4 digits. And to use any of your cashback money, they need the Curve card.

If someone steals my phone, it’s impossible for the thief to use my Curve account and take money from it even without the passcode stuff.


I’m struggling to understand what benefit this is supposed to provide…I’m assuming most people use curve app on their phone as it is the device they have on them most, if not all of the time. The phone (given my previous statement) is therefore the device most likely to be lost or stolen I.e. the device that is actually logged into the curve app. How on earth is stopping someone from logging into the app on say a tablet at the same time going to help here? It really doesn’t!

Please don’t suggest that upon realising said device is lost/stolen they could log in on another device thus logging them out of the lost/stolen device. If that requires a manual action, then they could simply go into the app (which they are already logged into) on the tablet and choose which other device they want to log themselves out of.

I really do wonder how decision making happens within Curve. I just don’t get it. Are staff at curve too scared to challenge decisions because surely they can’t agree with all of them. Just look at how much has had to change because of feedback and complaints on this forum. The costs involved with this alone must be huge and in any other company questions would be asked of the people making these decisions. It proves how out of touch they are with what their customers want/need and in this case how to add a lot of frustration with absolutely no benefit to security.

Plus, to follow on from what others have said, I really couldn’t care if someone had access to my curve app, there is nothing I would be concerned about them seeing. If my phone is lost or stolen I have much greater concerns than the curve app.

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Let’s focus on the topic here @bells: Using the Curve app on multiple devices.

Security is always something to consider. Some customers might not be too fussed that someone might gain access to the data on the app, however, there are certainly just as many that would be.

Putting the security question aside, what other scenarios should be explored, beside the stolen device and added convenience use case?

Then enforce passcode/Touch ID/Face ID. It’s that simple. If Barclays, Revolut and Starling can do it, I don’t see why Curve can’t.

As mentioned here before, if someone steals your phone they cannot use your Curve card to make any transactions, nor use any card stored in the app. It’s useless without your Curve card.

I have two phones, and this is an issue.

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The point is that you wouldn’t know if someone had signed into your account.

That is a good example for the need of using Curve on multiple devices.

How many of you have two phones?

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You too wouldn’t know if someone had signed in to your account with one phone.

I’m sure there’s a fair share of people who has two phones. For me, depending on my mood I either take my XS Max or my P30 Pro with me. I’ll be great if I have access to the Curve app without logging in everytime I switch (I’ve actually stopped using the Curve app much due to this).

Also it doesn’t have to be phones. You can throw in tablets as well.

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I have a habit of not leaving my phone around, so the opportunity of doing that is quite slim.

You’re probably right, but we do need some numbers to go on :slight_smile:

If the app was developed for a tablet would be a long-term project because there are a lof of other things we would like to make happen first :smiley:

That’s you though. Your experience. This does not apply to everybody.

How can you get numbers…when your app doesn’t support it?

The current iOS Curve app works with iPads already, just poorly upscaled. But I’m not asking for full iPad support because that still may not fix the multiple device issue.

I do :slight_smile:

That’s exactly my point :smiley:

By asking :wink: On that note: thanks @gt94sss2 :smiley:

So your point is…because you only have one phone, and you almost never forget it, you think everybody else is the same?

Asking? But I’m not the one asking for numbers though?

No. My point is that people act differently. Your experiences and my experiences aren’t necessarily representative of everyone elses.

Yes, by asking. Asking people in here who, beside @Dotunmo, use more than one device.

I didn’t create this thread, so I’m obviously not the only one with this issue.

Also the Curve Community forums only share a tiny portion of actual Curve card users.

All true :wink:

Uhm… Can you continue this discussion in private? I mean I appreciate the great patient @Curve_Marie is showing (and has shown towards me as well) but I feel like the discussion here is derailing.

My 2 cents of course.

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I do indeed own more than a single device and I wouldn’t mind using Curve on multiple.

Curve literally does commercial cards Marie, it’s not a far stretch to assume I have a work phone and a personal one