Using the Curve app on multiple devices

I do :slight_smile:

That’s exactly my point :smiley:

By asking :wink: On that note: thanks @gt94sss2 :smiley:

So your point is…because you only have one phone, and you almost never forget it, you think everybody else is the same?

Asking? But I’m not the one asking for numbers though?

No. My point is that people act differently. Your experiences and my experiences aren’t necessarily representative of everyone elses.

Yes, by asking. Asking people in here who, beside @Dotunmo, use more than one device.

I didn’t create this thread, so I’m obviously not the only one with this issue.

Also the Curve Community forums only share a tiny portion of actual Curve card users.

All true :wink:

Uhm… Can you continue this discussion in private? I mean I appreciate the great patient @Curve_Marie is showing (and has shown towards me as well) but I feel like the discussion here is derailing.

My 2 cents of course.

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I do indeed own more than a single device and I wouldn’t mind using Curve on multiple.

Curve literally does commercial cards Marie, it’s not a far stretch to assume I have a work phone and a personal one


I have two phones and a tablet that I’d like to be able to view my curve transactions on.


+1 for multiple devices. I have a work and personal phone.


+2 for multiple devices; work and personal iPhones. Curve appealed to me precisely so I can easily manage payment methods for business or pleasure when travelling. I have multiple installations of all my other banking apps.

+1 for multiple devices

I too do. It is not a matter of 2 phones. It is a matter of being able to comfortably manage from multiple devices.

India (66.61%), Indonesia (65.81%), Egypt (51.72%) and Ukraine (55.22%) were the only countries in this report where dual SIM phones are more popular than single SIM phones
We can safely assume that similar are the statitics of dual phone users (perhaps more).

Yes. Me too. I own a phone and a tablet

+1 for multiple devices. I have a business phone and a personal one. Its useful to have the app on both phones.

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+1 for multiple devices

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Based on what you can actually do in the Curve app, it doesn’t seem that risky to allow people to use it on more than one device. The only issue I can see is a conflict over which card is selected but that’s a simple coding fix.

+1 for the multiple devices, one work android phone and one personal iPhone. Was trying to use the curve app on both though, especially so that I can add receipts to my work purchases. I also wanted it on both for convenience as I’ve had to put my Curve Card in Google Pay on my work phone until Apple Pay arrives :wink:

FYI nearly everyone in my place of employment has two smartphones: personal and company and Curve is one of the allowed apps on the latter.

This is many thousands of staff, and I understand the same is true of a large percentage of sister organisations to my employer (also large employers).