Using the Curve app on multiple devices

Why not allow to use the app on more than 1 device?
Like use the app on your phone and tablet for convenience

Revolut, banks, allow that

I am another person with two phones (two iPhones in my case, one personal and one for work - probably a very common use-case)…

Curve App is installed on both, but as mentioned by others it’s not possible to use the app on both without signing out on the other and having to reset passcodes etc. This is unlike all of my bank and credit card mobile apps which work on two devices whilst featuring appropriate security measures.

I had got used to essentially just using the Curve App on one of the phones but was reminded of this issue today when I had to sign-in/out of both phones to add Curve card to Apple Pay on each device! :slight_smile:

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+1 for multiple devices.

Tecnically should not be very difficult and it’s not unsecure at all.

I have just started with Curve, and I have two iPhones. To be honest just being able to use Curve on one device is no use to me.

3 phones

2 phones and iPad, no probs being logged in on all with HSBC, Monzo etc

I’m using 2 devices, my colleagues are using 2 devices (I know at least 12 people with 2 devices). A lot of money apps allow to be logged on more than one device.
Please change this unnecessary bug… I mean feature. it is a case of usability. It’s does not have any impact on security.


New user. Loving Curve. Was really surprised I couldn’t have this running on two devices. I carry two phones. One with my UK number and the other which has my German SIM and use both frequently. All using finger print authentication etc. If I can bank with multiple devices why not Curve with two phones? Please consider reinstating.

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Have moved this topic to the Ideas category so forum members can now vote for it

I use a phone case with a card slot and don’t every carry my wallet these days. It’s not very secure, but its very convenient. I also own a second phone which I use for work. If I ever do lose my phone, it means I will also lose the curve card along with it. Using my second phone, I should be able to lock my card immediately. Also as the rest of the community members have suggested, I should be able to simultaneously access information depending on which phone I will be carrying around depending work/personal mode. There is not much malice that can happen if somebody gets hold of the phone alone with the Curve App since is not used for payments. But with the Phone and the Card, much harm can be done. Hence multiple device access can only help minimize the damage as far as I can see in scenarios like this.


Same thing here, two phones (ios + android) and would love to have curve on both.


+1 Multiple devices even if just 2, both for ease of use but also security. If travelling I have two phones with me, one as a back up. If carry phone is lost or stolen, backup phone in hotel is my first port of call to change change passwords etc. Since curve is only available in an app, second phone is the only backup and handiness, without a web login option, to quickly freeze card without customer support.

I own 2 devices. A Galaxy Note 10+ and an iPhone 6S. My old-school Greek banks allow me to use the same account on 2 or more devices. Why Curve cant? (The same goes for other banking apps too but this is curve that we are talking about)

So this thread was started in June 2019 and it appears that Curve are still not allowing customers to use two devices?

In have a work and personal device and for convenience I would prefer the curve app on both devices. My bank allows me to do this, so does Amex and a few others so why does curve think it’s so dangerous - this is the final straw for me. #ByeCurve

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New loyalty cards mail footer:

Just don’t forget your phone,
Team Curve

This is just we, multiple device users, want to do but we can’t.