Using the Go back in Time feature to transfer purchase to a Credit Card

I’m looking at paying off my car finance to transfer the debt to a 0% credit card. It will save me 100s in interest charges and I can continue to pay off the balance at 0% for the length of term on the credit card.
The finance company does not however allow you to pay off the debt with a credit card - debit cards only!
I’ve looked at Money Transfer cards, but the lengths of term (12 months and a fee) aren’t as good as 0% purchase cards (20 months and no fee!)

So could I use the Go Back in Time feature to do this?
The limit for this feature is £5000. The car finance is just under this amount.
If I added the 0% purchase card to Curve, paid off the debt using a debit card and then used Curve to move the balance to my 0% purchase credit card would this work?

Does the retailer have any involvement in the ‘time travel feature’? ie. would the transaction to move the debt from the debit card to the credit card then be declined at the retailers end or is it done solely within the Curve systems?

I don’t want to go through all the hassle of applying for my 20 month 0% credit card, add it to Curve, pay on my debit card and then have the whole process declined leaving me high and dry!

I know this isn’t what the feature is supposed to be used for, but it seems like an excellent back door to pay off my debt, shift it to a 0% card with a long payment term and utilise the best market rates for 0% purchase cards rather than the Money Transfer Cards.

Any ideas?
Is the Go back in time feature reliable enough to do this?
Is it within the rules?
Are there any other issues I’ve not considered?

What’s the MCC for this transaction? It is one that Curve Fronted applies to? If so, moving the transaction to a Credit card would cost you a fee if you don’t have Curve Metal.

You should definitely be able to do this but instead of using GBIT you could just have your 0% APR credit card selected in the curve app at the time you make the payment.

The retailer is going to process your curve card, which is a debit card, which they accept. They have no knowledge of the fact that it’s actually being recharged to a credit card via curve. That’s the advantage. You’re “hiding” your true method of payment in a way.

Some advice though. I’d add your credit card to curve in advance and do a few test transactions first to make sure your CC company doesn’t flag it as fraud. I’m not sure about UK cards but I’ve had this happen with US cards a few times. Until the algorithm learns that the curve transactions are OK.

Also good tip for checking what kind of transaction this will be (MCC) @poeliev. Would it be considered a cash like transaction that you’d end up paying the curve fronted fee on / that your CC might charge you interest on anyways (like a cash advance)?