Validation code GooglePay on Wear Os


I am using the virtual card on Google Pay without problem, but now I’m trying to configure the card on a wear os smartwatch.

On the final step after entering the number of the virtual card, the smartwatch needs to validate the card, and a validation code is needed, but I do not receive any validation code from curve, any help to solve it??

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Check the topic below

If this ‘trick’ does not solve the issue, contact Curve support (

Hi, thanks for the prompt response. I have no problem to set up the card in Google Pay on my phone the message is received without no problem, the problem is when I try to set up the card in the wear os app.

I know…but it’s the exact same sms you are not receiving (setting up on Android phone or WearOs app makes no difference for the sms).

When trying to add the Curve card to GooglePay on my WearOs smartwatch and not receiving the verification sms the trick in the mentioned post solved it several times.
The last time I faced this issue the trick did however not solve this issue, but after contacting Curve support, I did receive the verification sms and was able to add the Curve card to GooglePay on my WearOs smartwatch.

Hi again,

Thanks for the info, I’ll email curve support to solve the issue.