Validation for the Investors Group is not happening

Hi guys,
since I would like to get updates about the investor rewards, I am forced to join the Investors Group (unfortunately the original thread I was following was closed with a referring to a thread in this closed group Investor Rewards Update ). However, my request to enter this group has not been processed in over a week. I also checked my PMs, in case it was rejected for some reason, even though the email I put on the request matched the Crowdcube email. But nothing. Do you have any ideas?

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Hi there,
Didn’t you get an answer? You should try writing something in the PM and ask if there is news.

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I didn´t get any answer to the request so far. Whom should I address the PM to?

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Go in your profile -> message -> sent.
You can see the pm you sent.

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Done, thank you! Hope that is gonna solve it.

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Hello @Julihot,

Our apologies for missing your request! You’ve now been added to the group.

Thank you for your support and investment :blush:

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I have the same problem for a request I sent on March 9th, which I followed up with a further message on March 20th - still no response. Grateful if someone could also look into this…

Ehi @DangerMouse,
Have you sent a private message to the investor group?

@Mattia, yes - the access request on March 9th, and then a follow up message requesting a response on March 20th. Both messages went to @Curve_Marie and @Abi

Then you should just wait. I think it will be handled as soon as possible!

Thanks for your input - hopefully @Curve_Marie or @Abi will respond. IMHO, over 10 working days for a moderator to reply does seem a little excessive.

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I am a moderator and I replied to you here, but I cannot put you in the group. Keep in mind that they work from home given the current global emergency.

@Mattia - perhaps they should make you one of the people to approve the access requests!!

Thank you very much @Curve_Marie!

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@Curve_Marie @Abi could you please accept my request?