Vanquis Visa declines: (Amazon,, Aldi, Admiral...)

Anyone else having this with Vanquis Visa as the underlying card to Curve?

I got a decline twice at Aldi and then this morning at

I phoned Vanquis Visa today and they said the merchant was to blame as they hadn’t implemented new security measures/regulations since 1st March 2022. Hmmm.

Used the Curve card (still with Vanquis) 4 times elsewhere in the last few days with no problem.

Hey @EU, sorry to hear you’ve experienced these declines. I’d recommend contacting our support team about this as they’ll be able to check the details of these transactions to see the cause of the declines too. If it was Vanquis declining the transactions then they can confirm this for you!

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Hey, thanks for the help I’ve emailed suppor :slight_smile:

Vanquis failed again (Admiral Insurance) today a total faff.

Used Vanquis as the underlying card multiple time in Aldi’s and Alibris in the past with no problems.

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I’m having problems with transactions with Vanquis failing through Curve too, 4 failed all at different merchants. Go back in time not working either. Will have to contact support to see if they can manually go back in time. Only transactions that have worked have been Curve Credit repayments!

Curve/Vanquis worked in ASDA 15mins after Aldi and has been fine on PayPal (eBay checkout) but did fail with Admiral 2 days later. The declines (3 of them) in Aldi’s was twice with Curve (Vanquis) in Google Pay and then using the Curve physical card chip and PIN.

The Vanquis agent I spoke to was quick to blame Curve but since I’m only having some declines on Vanquis I find that difficult to believe. Vanquis is the only Visa I use so maybe there’s something wrong with Visa.

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Also having multiple failures trying to use Vanquis card with Curve since beginning of March.
Thankfully anti-embarrassment mode has kicked in to ensure that payments have gone through on backup card.

Have been in contact with Vanquis and they have advised that there is nothing at their end stopping the transaction. They advised that it may be something on Curve side, there are some new regulations they may not have implemented yet around authorising transactions.

I’m about to check this issue with the support and payment teams internally but, before I do, please pop me a PM with your Curve email address if you’ve been in touch with the support team about this issue already. This will help them to locate examples of these declines to speed up investigating the cause of the issue. :muscle:

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Looks like I’ve solved the problem by myself, had to remove the card from Curve and then add again to authorise through the Vanquis app

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That explains why the support team have been confused this morning when I brought this issue to their attention. :man_facepalming: I should have checked back on this thread first! I’m glad to hear that you managed to resolve this and thanks for sharing the update for other users too.

Thanks to @Steve_S and @Curve_Joel

I removed Vanquis (took 3 tries) and added it back. Tested on and worked fine so hopefully problem fixed. I don’t use Vanquis very much so it’ll be a few weeks before I use it again.

While I have everyone’s attention :grin: my Vanquis card image is still wrong inside Curve I did email it to support last year but it’s not appeared:

Would be great if that’s added.

Thanks again.

Meant to add for those worrying about removing the Vanquis card: when I re-added it the old transactions were still there and the GBIT option was still in place.

Hey @EU, it’s great to see @Steve_S’s solution helping more users! :raised_hands:

I’d recommend emailing our team again with this process and please let me know if you don’t hear back from them within a week.

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