Various questions about upgrading to Metal

Similar posts have been asked in the past but they are more than a year old (the ones I found).

EDIT: with answers

  1. if I upgrade in app today, will i be able to start using it right away (for online purchases or via Google Pay) by revealing the card number in the app, or does it require the physical card to be activated?

    • A: Active immediately for online purchases. New card number and CVC visible in the app. Old card also still active for both online and physical purchases (deactivates when new card is activated in the app).
  2. if not, but since I did upgrade in the app, will the metal perks such as free Fronted, 1% cashback, etc activate for the existing blue card until the metal arrives?

    • A: All Metal benefits activate immediately. Does not depend on the physical card.
  3. roughly how long does it take for the physical card to arrive?

    • A: 4 days in my case, upgraded in the app on Tue, Sep 21, 2:30pm. Received Sat, Sep 25
  4. am I committing to 1 year or is it on a monthly rolling basis, i.e. can downgrade any time after 1 month?

    • A: if paying monthly, can cancel/downgrade any time, but if cancelled within 6 months there is a 50 GBP fee. If paying yearly, then cancelling will not come with any refunds for the remainder of the year
  5. am i correct that the card number will change upon upgrade, and will change again if I downgrade to a different number than my original blue?

    • A: can confirm the Metal card number is different. Others confirmed a new number will be issued if downgrading as well.
  6. how often (if ever) can i change the 6 retailers for the 1% cashback?

    • A: Officially, never … but unofficially, it’s ambiguous.
  7. is there an exhaustive list of retailers to choose from that i can see before upgrading?

  8. If I don’t activate the physical Metal card in the app, how long will the old Blue card continue to work?

    • A: Theoretically, until it expires (see post below from @poeliev), but this needs to be confirmed. I’ll update this answer if I find otherwise. Right now, without activating the physical Metal card, it will only online, while the old Blue card works both in-stores and online.

Many thanks in advance!

Sorry I can’t answer all - here are some:
3) According to various forum posts, as little as 48 hours to “not at all” - UK residents appear to get theirs quicker.
4) Not certain - but there is a £50 fee for cancelling within 6 months to cover the physical cost of the Metal card. Curves’s T&Cs are a bit vague… Also there is a two-week cooling off period (this is where I’m not certain about the £50 fee.
6) In theory you can’t, however I believe that Curve will look into specific instances - moving location, retailer closed etc.
7) See link: Curve Cash Terms | Curve

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@Mac many thanks for the answers!

  1. an answer I found says that yes, the number will change both times, on both upgrade and downgrade (but wasn’t clear if the downgrade reverts to the original blue card – i assume not, since that one is taken out of circulation upon upgrade).

Very interested in answers to 1) and 2).

I did ask these to Curve on support but it’s been 3 (three!) weeks since my email … sigh

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@poeliev Many thanks! I had missed that thread.

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@poeliev Hmm, I just purchased Metal, but it doesn’t seem like all benefits have been enabled. I can’t see where to activate the 1% cashback … are you sure this is available before the physical card arrives? If yes, care to give a pointer? Also, my ATM limit on the “card limits” section still say £200.

However, the new Metal card does shows in the app, I can also see the new card number (haven’t yet tried purchasing anythiung online yet), as well as the insurance details (AXA insurance number, etc), Curve Fronted seems to also have enabled by itself, presumably this is also already free (though the text on the settings page still say “1.5% fee … Curve Metal customers get Fronted for free” so that’s ambiguous.)

I did try to kill and restart the app.

For Metal, there is a £50 fee regardless when you cancel, during cool-off period or not – doesn’t quite make sense but that’s what T&Cs say (search for " Cancellation Fee" in Terms of Service | Curve). Makes one wonder wonder about buying 1 year upfront with 2 months off, depending on cancellation intentions …

Yes, I am sure. Also confirmed by a member of Curve staff, when asked in an older topic.

If you mean the 1% cashback at the six chosen retailers go to the Curve cash card and press the gearwheel.

Your spending limits (the non-fx ones) are unrelated to your subscription tier.

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@poeliev - thanks. That’s incredibly well hidden.

Also, I can confirm that the card is in fact active for purchases online (I just made one).

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Just a note to say the metal card arrived today, Saturday. 4 days in total from Tue 2:30pm when I upgraded in the app.

I edited my first post with answers as well, hopefully it will help others too.

@poeliev asking you as you clearly have been around more: do you know for how long can I choose not to activate the physical Metal card and continue to use the old Blue card for online/in-store purchases?

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In theory I guess ‘for ever’ (but not sure). In a (not completely) similar situation I know that people decided in the past not to activate their investor card and could just keep using their ‘normal’ Curve card until the card expired.

Because this is not intended behaviour (not activating your metal card after receiving it), but more of a ‘loophole’, it (how long this is possible) has never been mentioned in this community before. This option is only there, so you could start using your metal card features while the physical metal card has not arrived/has not been activated yet.

(Seeing some pictures on this community before) I think I understand why you would want to do this for in-store purchases :wink:, but I guess there is the option to use Apple Pay/Google Pay/X-pay?

Regarding online purchases, the moment you activate your physical Metal card you will see those card details in the Curve app, so as long as you have your phone with you, you will always have your card details with you to do an online purchase (so no need to bring the physical card). For many (all?) online purchases you will need your phone anyway because of the 3DS.

Thanks @poeliev . In my case, I just have the old card recorded on quite a few online services for regular payments and it’s a pain to change all of them. I just went through that last month when my first blue card expired, so I think I’d rather use the blue card until it expires.

I’m not worried about either in-store or online purchases as long as the blue card works fine. For online purchases I keep card details stored in an encrypted offline password manager on my phone anyway.

I’m also one of those weirdos who dislikes metal cards – they can’t really be safely destroyed or it’s very difficult, they’re heavy (adds up when there are more of them in the same wallet), etc.

Ok, I understand your considerations.

Would you be so kind to come back to this topic if my

proves to be wrong. Just curious :slightly_smiling_face:. Thx!

By the way…in principle an activated physical metal card is needed for (the discount on your) LoungeKey access.

Sure thing, will do. I also added a new question to the 1st post about this and will update if I find it stops working before its expiration date.

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@poeliev I can’t edit the first post any more (why?) so I came back with some feedback about continuing to use the old card:

  • it does still work but has important drawbacks and I’m not sure they are intended or bugs, namely none of the transactions count towards your daily/monthly/yearly limits and the old spending limits seem to apply when using the old card (my limits increased after I got the Metal card, but i was declined big transactions performed with the old card with an error message saying it’s over my daily spending limit; there were over the old limit but not the new limit). I have activated the new card recently due to these issues.

In any case, I’ve grown seriously disappointed with Curve since I activated Metal. Lots of bugs (unrelated to using the old card), mostly absent customer support despite promising 24h response to Metal members (it’s more like 14-28 days in my case, usually around 3 weeks), and when cs does reply it feels almost insulting as nothing is fixed but they ask for patience and understanding as they are “finding their feet” (at the same time they have no problem pushing out new features, while still promising 24h customer support and charging extra for it but unable to deliver).

I will likely cancel my Metal subscription and advise friends and colleagues against it. Looking forward to google/apple/samsung to launch physical cards and have at least a predictably working product.

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I downgraded back to blue after six months but still have use of the metal card, messaged curve to see if correct and they said fine still to use until expired so 2 and a bit years of free use of the actual metal card (obv no metal benefits)