Verification charges not refunded

I now have 10 cards registered with Curve. However, on adding my latest card today, I wss charged a verification fee twice and neither have been refunded. Why is this?


Varification transactions are supposed to be refunded immediately. They always have been from Curve and also any other verification transaction that has occurred in my past.
This cannot be right.
Also, why were 2 amounts taken?

Maybe this was the case for you in the past. With some of my cards it took a couple of days.

And why two amounts:

In order to keep you secure and verify that it is your card, you will be asked to verify the card you load to the Curve app by either:

  • 3DSecure - we will ask your card issuer to approve a micro transaction. Your card issuer may ask you for your password or SMS confirmation. The micro charge will be refunded immediately.
  • Microcharge - we will charge a small amount to your card. You will need to check your bank statement (it can take a few days to appear) and enter the code you see in the Curve app. The micro charge will be refunded immediately.

You’ve just sent me text that claims the micro charge will be refunded immediately…
How does this resolve my issue?

As I said, with patience! Sometimes it just takes a couple of hours/days regardless of what is written on the support pages.

Well, I have a direct debit coming from my account in the morning. I no longer have the full amount in my account as Curve are holding it.
I very much doubt that me telling my cable service provider “patience” will satisfy them.

I am not a Curve employee! I am a normal user just like you. I am just telling you from my own experience that sometimes it can take a couple of days/hours. If you are worried you will not receive the amounts back contact support at


If I remember correctly when adding my latest card to Curve I also was seemingly charged twice. 1 charge was refunded right away but second one took few days to return to underlaying card balance. So its normal.


I don’t like the way that it seems impossible to contact anyone official from Curve when they are empowered with my finances.


That’s the Curve support team :+1:


Some cards verification is just 1 with “c-code”,
but nn other cards make several attempts.

On one of my cards I was charged 4 time with £1.00 and after that was £1.20 with verification code “c-??? From Curv”.
£1.20 was returned 1 day and 4 hours later.
The first £4 (4x £1.00) was refunded (canceled) after 8 days.

Sharp :face_with_monocle:. I completely missed the word ‘either’ in the text on the official Curve support page, probably because in my own experience both charges were taken when I added a card to Curve.

Edit: apparently (judging from the post below) what I have been experiencing is the pre-authorisation charge followed by either the 3DS charge or the microcharge.

Just to better explain the process for the microcharges:

There’s a pre-authorisation that is sent through, this is a common practice when adding your card details to any website or account. This is to test that the card has funds available and is reversed immediately once the response is given, the reversal means it will drop off your statement after a few days like nothing happened.

Then Curve attempts either the 3DS check or a microcharge in order to verify the payment card. Once the amount is taken, it is immediately refunded back to your underlying card. The refund is done so that you can view the charge on your statement with the verification code.

‘Immediately’ is used because the funds are not held for more than a few seconds, it doesn’t mean that it they will immediately show back up in your account because the process of issuers communicating between each other takes longer than that to occur when funds are being moved.


@Jes, thanks for your thorough explanation. It’s appreciated. I think it would be a good idea to add the pre-authorisation part to the support page.

Definitely some feedback that can be passed along to the Curve team. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m glad I could help!

I am suffering the same issue here. I registered my card with Google Pay and a variety of other app providers and they have all charged me £1 or €1, and so far, 5 days later, I have yet to receive a single refund. The fact it is 4 different providers leads me to believe it’s a Curve rather than a merchant issue.

Have you asked the support team?

It shouldn’t take more than 3-5 working days. If this is the case, please contact our support team so they can investigate the situation for you. You can email them at or send them a DM on Twitter or Facebook.

Not yet, because this email was ignored last time I used it. Same with the in-app chat.

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