Verify Card - maximum number of times reached


I have registered for the free blue Curve card, added 3 Visa and MC cards, but was not able to verify any of them.

I have the C-XXXXXX codes for each of them, but non of them work. I have even requested to send new activation codes, but the problem is the same. All of them are seen as incorrect and now it says that I’ve reached the maximum number of times to verify them.

Let me know how I can fix that from this point.

Hello Silviu

Have you tried to remove the card and add again?
It should work :slight_smile:

Hi Justin,

I have sorted out with a colleague of yours. The app works fine now. Just pending for the card to arrive.

Thank you anyway!

Silviu Cîrstea

În Mie, 7 aug. 2019, 11:24 William Justin via Curve Community < a scris:

Great to hear it works now :slight_smile: