Verify my number?

First happy new year to all Curve users :clinking_glasses::champagne::smiley:
And so … whatever the phone number I type, whatever the format I try, the ‘Verify my number’ button is unavailable.
Can you?
Have a good day :smiley:

Hey @flyingdad, I’m sorry to have missed your message until now and a belated happy new year to you! :star2: Did you continue to experience this issue since posting this and have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app to make sure you’re on the most recent version? :grin:

Hello @Curve_Joel thanks for your message. I could not verify my phone number and I no longer received verification code by SMS. At first, support told me they had done something on my account and that I could simply uninstall then reinstall the app. This what I did obviously. Réinstallation went alright. But I still don’t receive verification code by SMS. In a second message the support told me that some accounts might be affected by this bug …? Anyway, this is very annoying. It happens for example at Amazon from time to time: the only option to validate the transaction is to type a verification code which I never receive …! No other option, such as opening the app, is proposed. And so, I must cancel the transaction. And use another card. Thanks for your help. If you can do something?

Thanks for your feedback @flyingdad and I’m sorry to hear that this issue is still being worked on by our engineering team. I would recommend checking in with our customer experience team for an update and I’ll add this to my list of feedback for the team to continue working on in the meantime.