Verifying card using Google/Samsung Pay

I’m trying to set up Curve using Google/Samsung pay but with both methods, at the verification bit, when it asks to verify using a text sent to my number, I am not getting any texts which means I can’t set up the card. What should I do?

You need to contact

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@ediflyer is right, you’ll need to contact the support team about this. You can also give them a call on the number found on the back of your Curve card so that they can sort this for you over the phone. Be aware that Samsung/ Google Pay support is only available in the UK atm.

Please check out another conversation going on here about exactly the same issue:

Final solution: change your phone number in Curve, verify the “other” number, then change it back to the original one (yours), verify that as well again and voilá, you’ll now receive the SMS…