Very Confused App Update

woke up this morning to find my app updated with into a white logo the word Beta on it.
I am pretty sure i did not signup for any of the beta tests as i do not own an Amex, nor am planning o get metal.
So i went and uninstall the app and downloaded from play store the curve app with black logo again.
However, after signing in. I found my curve black on the subscription model. Which i did not opt for. Is this happening to anyone else? Is it going live now and we are all on the 6 month trial? Or is this just a glitch?

You’re not the only one. Staff and customers are just as confused. But no doubt this thread will get closed without addressing the confusion as Curve can’t handle criticism.

You can find all answers here: We Have Launched Subscriptions! and here: January Launch FAQs

Thanks Lucas! I think curve should have posted the launch article before making the launch. Saw a few users like me who were caught off guard by the sudden change. Whichever it is. Nice to see progress is made. Cheers

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