Virgin Atlantic Credit Card no longer working?

Has anyone else noticed that Virgin Atlantic credit cards are no longer usable with Curve? More specifically, I can’t add my Virgin Atlantic Credit Card as a card.

I’ve used it since I started using Curve, but this month my Virgin card expired and I was issued with a new one. When I try to add that card to Curve, I just get an error that it is not possible to use this card with Curve and to add a different one.

Anyone know of any change that happened or experiencing the same? I think this might honestly be the final nail in the coffin for me with Curve - have found it less and less useful since more and more was stripped back, I legitimately have no use for it anymore if I can’t use this card.

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Have you tried fully removing the card and then re-adding it ?

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I did unfortunately yeah, even cleared all cards I had added just to be 100% sure.

ah, sounds like another curve platform bug. That or Virgin have decided to stop accepting curve and block there online transactions.

(Curve work as an online payments platform e.g. e-commerce platform Why doesn't Curve forward all MCC codes properly? - #184 by Curve_Joel )

Interestingly Virgin Atlantic Credit Card now works with Google Pay (this took them something like 8 years to implement!).

I hope the two scenarios aren’t connected?

Also, I can find absoulutely (although someone else might) no information as to when the Virgin Card started working with Google - Virgin are not the best at communicationg, so I have no idea when they first implemented this.

Hey @_seb, have you removed your expired Virgin Atlantic card from your Curve wallet before trying to add the replacement and have you been in touch with our support team about the issue just yet? :grin:

Having the same issue when trying to add an MBNA credit card.

Let’s see how long it takes support to reply. Seems to be a wider system bug, or card issuers are starting to block curve.

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Hey Addie, if the issue isn’t specific to your account then please feel free to share your update here if it might be helpful to Mike and future visitors too. :grin:

It’s unlikely that this bank has intentionally blocked Curve without warning but there have been examples in the past.

Support got back to me fairly quickly which shocked me. But impressed!

No fraud block on my card and the underlying card works fine with other transactions. But I cannot add MBNA to my curve account


My MBNA issue has been sorted just as an fyi :). Hope your virgin issue is resolved soon

That’s great news, thanks for posting an update!

I’m currently having the case issue, trying to pay off my VA card using Curve and I keep getting ‘your bank have rejected the payment’ yet no attempts are going through onto the Curve Card…

Curve is having issues see mass declines thread

Mass declines, because of new strong authentication (in UK) - General Chat - Curve Community

I had this issue as well, it is a real pain. I can’t face dealing with Curve’s customer service, have been using other cards in the meantime.