Virtual and disposable cards support

Dears, I would like to raise this topic as it is crucial for me. Members, please, support me if you are also intrested in this functionality.

In case of issue of virtual card it will also accelerate of new members enrollment and lower fees needed to be paid for each new member. (member will not need to receive physical plastic card)

@communitymember123 can we expect this posibillity, if so, when?

Thank you


Do you mean having a digital version of the card a bit like revolut?

Yes, idealy virtual card which can be linked to Google Pay so I can use it for payments with my phone and watches.

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Awesome, google pay is on the curve roadmap!


I live in an area which still needs to be dragged into the 20th Century. Most of the places I shop cannot cope with my loyalty cards/payment cards being on my phone. I would still need a physical card as my main way of spending.

I could see this being useful as a backup.

What I’d love to see is Curve implement a future simular to and Revoluts virtual card. Using Curve in physical stores already make a lot of sense, but before I can use it safely online there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

For instance I’d love to see an option to create a “virtual card” for each physical card, allowing me to add subscriptions such as Spotify, Netflix etc to the virtual card and sure it gets charged to the right card.

A disposable card would make sense when shopping online. Before you use it, you chose what card it draws money from and then after use it disposes and recreates with a new number and CCV.


Great idea!

Curve has this on their roadmap, should be coming soon!


When are virtual cards expected? 1-2-3 months?

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It’s listed under “Short Term (next 6 months)”


Great I hope also there will be disposable cards :slight_smile: um…6 months from when?

Good question. The timeline is purposely vague as we don’t want to overpromise by setting exact dates. On the product Roadmap we wish to make it clear what we are currently working on, what will be next, and what’s further down the line. This way our customers will have a clearer insight into the prioritisation of the product features and knowing what’s next.


That’s ok, but :slight_smile: keep in mind that after 6 months these 6 will become 1 year :joy:

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Haha, true. Should we just remove the time indication all together?

For me you may do that as long as we still can see this:

No it is ok.


Great idea!
That’s something that already exist in Portugal called Mbway.

There are practical real world uses for a virtual card especially from competing offerings - especially when processing online transactions. or infrequent merchants. Or by differentiating between physical vs online transactions.

Virtual card numbers is a must for secured on-line shopping.

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My domestic bank does not offer virtual cards, other EMIs with virtual cards don’t offer connecting cards in a way Curve does.
So, the best combination to resolve this, would definitely be Curve virtual cards.
Big +1!

Virtual card with google pay, apple pay, samsung pay, etc
Will be a little problem for now
Ryanair, wizzair, airbaltic, have flight with non contactless terminal
So no payment there
What about ATM
Not all support contactless
Or hotels, last time i was in luxembourg, park inn hotel, they needed a card or cash for deposit non contactless terminal

But in the future, yes