Virtual and disposable cards support

I have been using the Revolut virutal disposable card to secure my shopping online. It would be great to have that virtual disposable card feature in Curve.


Yes, hope we’ll see this feature very soon with Curve. Maybe in August product update ? :grin:

Marie, it’s been a minute :)))) Any news on virtual/disposable cards?

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Hello :smiley:

There’s no news to share about virtual disposable cards yet

The only reason why I keep Revolut nowadays is for the disposable virtual card.
Would love to see this in Curve.

Wait, you’re paying for it just to get disposable cards??!

I’m not paying anything. The disposable cards are available for the Standard Plan (free), also.

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It is indeed! The last time I checked it was a paid feature. Thank you!

Yeah, I read today about this feature (because it’s coming to 1Password) and it’s perfect feature for Curve. Selecting max payment cost, reset period (eg. one month), which card will be processing payment and then creating virtual card for Netflix, Spotify etc. After cancelling the service we can destroy virtual card like in Revolut, or change CVC code like in Sync. For me it’s perfect candidate for next feature for Curve.

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Hello, I have also paid revolut account due their disposable cards, I dont belive sites, which want card number without well-know trusted payment gateway… Disposable are sollution for this. This feature is something, which giving bid added value.

The fact that this (obviously) useful facility is still on the back burner after nearly two years on the roadmap is disappointing. I’m not sure what the problem is (others are offering it). Can anyone explain the delay? This would be much more useful to me than adding loyalty cards to the app.

It would appear that the Revolut virtual cards are a ‘paid-for’ perk now? Not available in the free plan?

AFAIK one virtual card is available for free in the free plan too, any other ones including disposable cards are paid features.

Disposable aren’t paid future anymore. I have it on free plan.

I have got one disposable card from Revolut for free.

@ars @frankblaeser That’s good news then! So basically 3 cards (plastic+virtual+disposable) are available for free even on the free plan? Didn’t know that, thanks.

Revolut’s disposable cards are brilliant.

I’d love to see such a feature in Curve.


Funny- this was in development in January - have you guys hit a stumbling block, or is this just not a priority for you now?

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This is the feature that I am most looking forward to arriving in Curve, over and above many of the other features that have been added over the last 12 months.


exactly the same, it would be great to have virtual / disposable cards where you need a card to confirm a registration online but do not want to get charged for if you forget to cancel.

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Yes, agree on this feature. I have it on my bank and it’s very useful.

I can create an unlimited number of virtual cards, with a different number to the physical card, and cancel them at any time if I suspect it could have been compromised, or even just that I’ve been using it for a while for safety.

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