Virtual and disposable cards support

Marie does not work in a customer facing role anymore.

Hey all! This has been a feature we’ve been wanting to try out for a while now, I can’t provide any updates from my end at the moment, but this is definitely still in our peripheral!

We’re putting a lot of focus into customer experience at the moment and this would be a great feature to work on in the future. We’ll be sure to update once we have any more info about virtual and/or disposable cards!


I have Monzo Plus and I found extremely useful the virtual cards feature.
As digital wallet this feature on Curve would be perfect! No more sharing information about the card details on website that you don’t trust and sure will help to reduce hacks.

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I totally agree.

It could be another GREAT feature for Curve to allow to use online your own credit cards in very safe way by a virtual / one time disposable “security layer”…!

I have this feature on Revolut and it’s great (I blocked at all online usage of phisical cards and use only virtual /one time disposable online…).

More interesting considering too that having a new phisical card from Curve seema to be quite slow and expensive…

Would really be helpful to have a virtual disposable card for online safety. I currently use Apple Pay wherever I can for this reason.
This would be a great feature & selling point.

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As a digital wallet, it would be amazing having virtual cards (I currently use this service with Monzo). It’s a very safe way to share personal details online and it would be cool being able to link a virtual card to a specific card in the wallet.

That can be also an appealing feature for prospect customers. If I have only 1 card, I don’t have any reason to use Curve but this feature can guarantee a safe online experience whe users have to buy on new sites.

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As usual this feature has been in development for years. Thats curve :slight_smile:


Any news for this feature ?

Hey @p2K, I’m checking on this with our product team and will follow up soon!


Hey again, thanks for the patience while I’ve checked on this.

I’ve spoken to our product team and they’re still working on temporary virtual cards which would be generated alongside your primary card’s details. The intention behind these shorter-lived virtual cards would be to improve security when shopping online. This is still subject to change and they can’t provide a timeframe for the release of this feature just yet. I’ll let you know if there are any updates on this in the near future!


I have Monzo Plus and one of the main reason why I upgraded the card, it’s because of the Virtual Cards features. It’s super handy if you don’t want to share your real card details online, or if you want to try a service but they ask for card details during the trial period (I usually set the card on auto-deleting after 24h, so I don’t risk to be charge if I forget to cancel the service).

It would be cool something like this on Curve and I would def happy to upgrade my plan for this feature!


would love this feature… it greatly improves online security.
With mbway we can have a card with a short expiring date, a one time use card, or a card for a specific vendor only.

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PLEASE add this feature. I would love to have a virtual card (different number from my physical card) - I would then use this for online subscriptions, etc. without risk of giving my physical card number over.
I can do this with my bank, and its so useful and secure. e.g. create a virtual card with a transaction limit of £20, and I use this for Netflix, Spotify. etc etc. So useful, and makes everything safer I think… if you have any issues, you just kill the virtual card, generate a new one, update the subscriptions, and you are up and running in minutes. Don’t have to cancel main card, and wait for a new one, etc… I think its so useful !

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Any updates to this ?
Thank you

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This is a necessity. And Im really considering quite Curve as main because I miss that feature.