Virtual and Physical card pins

I have the physical card in the app and i set that pin up.

Then I received the physical card but no pin was mailed to me.

Now, when i try to use my swatchpay watch it asks for card and pin because i have reached the 300 limit.

But when i use the physical card with the physical card pin. i get a message saying the expiry date is wrong.

both cards have same number but ccv and expiry dates are differe…

What bloody pin should i use to free the use?

When you have activated your physical card in the Curve app the CVC and expiry date of your (temporary) virtual card became the same as the CVC and expiry date of your physical card. So the CVC and expiry date of the physical and virtual card are not different anymore.
If they still are different for you something must have gone wrong during the activation of your physical card.

So it indeed looks like your physical card has not been activated yet.