Virtual and Temp Curve Card

As an investor and also putting ideas out there, curve is great, but there is an issue, online payments, as secure as they may be, you use your physical curve card number, making it available on the internet.

So why not have a virtual curve card which you can use for online payments and also have a disposable Virtual curve card.

The benefits would be no longer worrying for an online payment, you use a disposable curve number, make the payment and then as soon as payment is issued, your disposable curve card changes. This eliminates someone using your curve card for a second payment.

You could offer this to paying subscribers, so virtual curve card, this would mean people who want to start using curve immediately can as its instant, they can opt for a physical card if they want.

You can then offer to metal customers, the disposable virtual curve card.

I would see this as being extremely beneficial to those who do alot of online transactions.

You can already vote for that here: