Virtual card and physical card ccv exp dates


Just received physical card and activated, however my virtual card exp date and ccv are different. Are they supposed to update to be the same?


Hello @Tim5, welcome to the community! :grinning:

The change of date and CVV takes place when activate the new physical card. It is a security measure. From now on, you can use the new CVV and new expire date.


Thank you, so the one that is showing in the app that is the new one.

Will the physical card still work?


Hey @Tim5,
Does your physical Curve card still have numbers, CVV and expiration date printed on it? If so are the CVV and expiration date different from the ones on your virtual Curve card?


It does, the blue physical card does, it is different to the card on the app even after activation.

The physical card declines in shops and won’t enter into online payment. The virtual card works on Samsung Pay and the Physical one wontt. Think I’m going to cancel it. So much hassle

Hey @Tim5,

You are having a bug on your account. After activation of your physical card, the details of your virtual card should update automatically to become similar to the ones on your physical Curve card.

Please, reach out to support team at and they’ll be able to help you with this.


If the physical card doesn’t work and the virtual card hasn’t updated doesn’t that point to the physical card not being correctly registered on the account?
Even if the virtual card hasn’t updated surely the physical card should still work?