Virtual Card showing different tire in App

Hi all ,
I have upgraded to Metal by Black Friday promotions, but my Virtual Card still in free blue card . Any idea?

Have you received your metal card yet? I’d guess if not yet posted it won’t update. Total guess though.

There’s a story behind
I did the upgrade at 24 Nov from free tire , the subscribe payment done the virtual card change to Metal instantly , but after two weeks time I still
haven’t receive the physical card , I reported to live chat , they stand that as lost posts & reissue a new one for me , when the app notification says that my new card have been reissued, my virtual card change back to Blue Card (that is the one when I’m in Free tire , same card no , expire date , CVC ).

Report this to Live Chat again , but no reply at all.

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Hi @Joint

I have sent you a private message. I’ll try to get this to the right team to investigate and fix.


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Reissue card arrived today
Problem fixed !