Virtual Cards make Problems


Pysical card VISA works
Virtual Card (Mastercard) works not CREDIT CARD
Problems with Verification also Virtual Klarna

What kind of error message is displayed for iCard virtual mastercard ???

The virtual Klarna Card is a single-use cards

I get the VCC Code and if i give the correct number then same windows they needes VCC

No the Virtual Klarna Card is not a One Using Card.

Icard Virtual:

Not available at Curve, we working on it future

Hello @Timo1983,

Curve doesnt really support prepaid cards which icard most of the time issued.

I had no issue linking my (Physical) Klarna Card and my Klarna Bank Card to my Curve Card.

Maybe try to close the entire app and wipe the cache then try again.

@Markus no, as Timo already said, the Klarna Card is not a one-time card, and the virtual cards are not one-time cards either. The one-time card is a Klarna US thing but available when you shop through the Klarna app.

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In Germany, the “if you don’t have another Klarna Card” virtual/digital Klarna Card is a one-time card.

Klarna card (normal, not virtual) works not on ATM

Tested. German Sparkasse with 10 and 50 EUR