VISA Credit Cards ETA?

Any idea when we can expect VISA credit card support? The majority of my cards are VISA credit cards, so that’s holding me back from using Curve more often.

I have 2 x Visa cards (Vanquis and Barclaycard) added to my Curve.

In the USA Beta, VISA credit cards are not yet supported, only VISA debit cards.


Hey @SwordOfWar, we don’t have a timeline available for this just yet but we’re working on it and we’ll announce as soon as this is possible as this will be a big step for us! :muscle:

Ah, yes I’m not in the USA obviously.

I seen this query posted in “Latest” I’ll have to be more careful then.

Maybe every country should have its own section makes a lot of sense.

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This topic is posted in the Curve US-Help US category as can be seen right below the subject of the topic, also when entering our community through the ‘latest’-view.

US does already have it’s own Curve US category, where this topic was posted in the subcategory Help US.

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