Vitracash, Curve's Competition?

I have seen a new fintech on Crowdcube.

They seem to have interesting features which Curve could easily replicate.

@curve what do you think?

@Investors do you see them as a competitor?

I don’t at this stage.


Pay with the best
The VitraChoose AI selects the best card for every payment you make based on multiple factors, including Insurance, Cashback, Transaction Fees and many more.

This idea is what we have been asking for long time here: Sticky Transactions (Recurring Payments) & Smart Transactions/Rules

If Curve doesn’t get this working soon, this might be indeed a game changer.

And to make it clear: I do not think it is a competitor right now (but it might become one) and I don’t want an AI to choose the card for me, but I want to be able to set the rules.


I just had an alert from Crowdcube, too. Many people use Curve to do this already but obviously have to manually select the payment card. This functionality has been wished for by Curve customers for a long time. I agree, Curve needs to move quickly on this.


Thank you for the echo :loudspeaker:, signed-up to waitlist. :memo: We’ll see what it will bring, hope it won’t end as Lanistar… 🧛‍♂ 🧟‍♂

It is not the only competitor of Curve… In addition to this, there is also Lanistar.

Let’s see if Amex can also be added, or they have to sue too :joy:


I do think it’s a Curve competitor, similar interfaces and different features.
Obviously without details, dont know how this will be implemented yet.

Got this in email today:
* Pay with your Maestro and Amex cards anywhere Mastercard is accepted


Got on board with Vitra, will report back any feelings.

It’s currently in beta for iOS and Android but it’s in what looks like to be in alpha for Android.

They look like they’re trying their best but the service for Android looks to be sub par.