Vitracash, Curve's Competition?

It is not the only competitor of Curve… In addition to this, there is also Lanistar.

Let’s see if Amex can also be added, or they have to sue too :joy:


I do think it’s a Curve competitor, similar interfaces and different features.
Obviously without details, dont know how this will be implemented yet.

Got this in email today:
* Pay with your Maestro and Amex cards anywhere Mastercard is accepted


Got on board with Vitra, will report back any feelings.

It’s currently in beta for iOS and Android but it’s in what looks like to be in alpha for Android.

They look like they’re trying their best but the service for Android looks to be sub par.

They allow UK customers only?

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No I believe they cover all of Europe.

How does this work overseas? Does it use the fx rates/mastercard rates of the local currency without extra fees like Curve or Monzo?
tbh not much information on their home page.

many thanks - just to clarify - Vitracash use overseas make the fx conversion to GBP and charges the underlying card in GBP same as Curve?

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I would imagine so I’ve not done any transactions with VitraCash so I’m unsure.

If they do not allow EUR as base currency that is “no go” for me.

They allow euro base transactions. I have done some.

Base card is Euro so in Euro. Did not get a chance to try EUR to GBP or vise versa

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The order of a VitraCard is free of charge. But you pay 10€/£ for express delivery.

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Would not consider Vitra in my life after there recent fraud charges wave.

I have waited for the card to become useful… but there’s always delays and bad excuses… and it seems like 3 people scattered in different places over the world are working on the project…

Now this… woke up being charged multiple hundreds of gbp.

handling someones money is a matter of trust, and this was the final nail in the coffin for me…

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@JHE i know your feelings right now.

If anyone wants to message the Data Protection officer too:

ryan @ vitracash .com

Looks like Vitracash is not free either.:man_shrugging:t2: