Vodafone Curve Smart GPS Tracker

Just an observation, not really Curve related (apart from the name) but product looks kind of cool and this is ‘general chat’ right…

Anyone else use these kind of things? I have Tile on my keys and used to find them very useful, although less so since Covid and I don’t go out much :sweat_smile:

Interesting, no copyright issue re the name?

TM only applies to the use case as far as I am aware. So when you register a trademark, you don’t ‘own’ the word or phrase but you do ‘own’ the mental link between that word or phrase and your products.

Law is complex in this area and below makes an interesting read as to how crazy it can get, but I would imagine as long as nobody launches a financial product or card called Curve, then many companies could call their products Curve.


Look up curve.fi then. They thought the naming through much better and even have already more recognition.