Void at McDonald's

Just tried to pay using Curve for a breakfast at McDonald’s drive through. Card came back as void, the lad showed me the screen.
I’ve never had my card showing as void.
What does this mean? Another example of it not being the only card you need to carry.

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Void means payment did no go through. Did you try again?

Not with a massive queue behind me. I had to find another card.
I have it rejected before but never with a void message

Void at McDonald’s, usually means when they’ve cancelled payment on the till or by the reader’s cancel button. (My friend works there)

Hey @solsunftm, messages can mean different things on different POS systems. It’s probably best to check with our support team (support@curve.app) to make sure that there’s no issue with your Curve card.

I’ve sent a message to them as well. But as usual will wait a long time for a reply. Posted on here just on the off chance someone knew or had experienced a similar problem.

Didn’t get an answer. All I got was there were no declines payments that day, which i already knew and to contact them if it happens again. Not much help really