Waiting for cashback response

I have always enjoyed being a loyal cardholder of Curve since the first day.
But if the response from Customer Service could have been more efficient, it will be highly appreciated.
Sent a request regarding cashback because I have never received any from one of the merchants I chose as the cashback feature.
Didn’t get any reply until I tried to call the number.
Soon after received an email asking me to provide the receipts. I replied a few minutes later, but haven’t got any responses for many days.

Please Please do check the ticket request asap and reply. Thank you!

Hey @ricche, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do on the forum as we don’t have access to your account here. If you’ve already been in touch with our support team then hold tight, they’ll follow up with you ASAP :blush:

Thanks Hannah. The problem was solved right after I raised the topic here yesterday. really appreciate your help here