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hello. I decided to cancel my metal subscription two days ago. Although the CS team asked if I wanna downgrade, I still chose to continue with the cancellation process. But it’s taking so long. Can the team do something to accelerate the process? Because Curve needs to refund me for the remainder of this billing month pro-rate, someone from the support should deal with this asap I think.

Hi Richie, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Unfortunately you are at the mercy of the customer service agents, there is nothing that we can do to make them refund your subscription any faster. I understand your frustration but please be aware they are working as fast as they can to make things right by you.



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They are catastrophically slow at replying to anything at Curve. If they really are working as fast as they can, they either need more people or simpler processes because it just isn’t working.

Make sure you make it clear that you expect the refund of your Metal fee to be backdated to the date you actually made the request, and follow up on it. It took me 5 business days to get downgraded to Blue, with two follow up chaser emails. I had to tell them it was urgent just to get a slightly timely reply.

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Thank you all for the reply. I called the number behind our Curve card. Lucky me, a few minutes later the agent who was in charge of that ticket called me back. Got the cancellation done and finally being ready to say goodbye to this card after merely two-week metal subscription.
I was a loyal Curve user and introducing this brand to everyone. Somehow waiting for the support is just the most disappointing. Believe it or not, after the Brexit it could just be worse if you are not based in the UK. For the currencies, features card limit, cashback and conversion, Curve is not ready for those. numerous bugs

Sorry to see you go I hope you still stay on the community at least. Hopefully in time you’ll be ready to give Curve another try.

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