Want to cancel my account

I want to cancel my account here and its useless and don’t need it

You will need to contact support@imaginecurve.com

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I think he means his community account, not his Curve (card) account.

No i need to cancel my card and my account

In that case @JesusM is right. You need to contact Curve support. This is a user community so we don’t have access to your Curve (card) account.


I contacted them using this adress and got answer and i have wsit 48h.
Is there chat system here?

No, there isn’t. If you are on Curve black or metal there is a chat in the Curve app.

I have blue now and i have not this option unfortunately

You can send them a tweet (@askcurve) and ask them about the mail you have sent them.

For our information and benefit, could we know why you want to close your account? Unless it is private stuff … Thanks in advance

I dont need it and i dont want to pay fees each month and i won’t use it

Curve blue is free
You dont need to pay if you want to keep it

My card linked is active its a mastercard and i want to use curve to pay items on aliexpress, is it possible? If yes tell me how?

You select your MasterCard in the curve app

And use curve online

Do u have a tuto for tha?
Til now i have not received my curve card but my mastercard is linked

You just add your (virtual) Curve card details (as can be found in the Curve app) to AliExpress.

Forget about your ‘original’ card. The only think you need to keep in mind is that your Curve card is a MasterCard Debit. Use it as it and that’s all. AliExpress (or whoever) doesn’t care where you get the money from to pay for it, just add the Curve as a MasterCard (debit, if you are asked between debit/credit)

nice catch @poeliev :wink:

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Til now i have not curve card