We are crowdfunding

We are crowdfunding

Pre-registration is open now!

We’re excited to announce that Curve is crowdfunding again! :partying_face:

Customers like you have got us this far - and a lot of you missed out on our 2019 crowdfunding raise. What’s more, we’ve welcomed over 1 million customers since, who we also want to bring into the fold. So we’re giving you and the wider Curve Community the opportunity to invest in Curve; to join us on the next stage of our journey.

2020 threw a lot at Curve, but we came out of it stronger than ever. We more than doubled our customer base, partnered with industry-defining players such as Samsung, Checkout and Plaid, and became a Mastercard principal member.

2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year, as we continue to grow and redefine the future of finance. As well as announcing our £72.5m Series C funding, we’re doubling down on our international growth plans - all the while innovating, developing and improving. Now we want you to be part of our story.

Our growth
Curve is growing fast! In the last year, we’ve more than doubled our customer base to 2million+. And the total value of transactions we’ve processed since our 2018 public launch now stands at £2.6bn.

We also launched some pretty cool features in 2020:

:fire: Launched Apple Pay integration across all markets, and Google Pay in 25 countries
:fire: Introduced Samsung Pay+ in the UK, in partnership with Samsung
:fire: Teamed with Plaid to connect all UK customer accounts to Curve, not just their cards
:fire: Launched Anti-Embarrassment mode and Loyalty Cards feature
:fire: Incorporated subsidiaries in the US and EU
:fire: Became a Mastercard Principal Member
:fire: Hired some amazing people to drive our growth even further

We’re not stopping there.
In addition to our successful Series C funding round, Crowdfunding will accelerate our international growth and deepen our product offer. We’re excited to be growing our Curve Credit offering; and we’ll be launching our award-winning platform across the US, as we also deepen our product in Europe too.

It’s all thanks to you
We want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support: our beta testers, community members, 2019 crowdfunding investors, and our 2 million+ customers :pray: Your questions and suggestions have directly contributed towards our growth, as well as helping us improve our product and build new features.

Check out our FAQ’s and watch this space for an event taking place right here on the Community in the coming days :eyes:.

Got questions? Drop them below and we’ll answer them as soon as possible.

Pre-registration is open now!

Please note, your capital is at risk when you invest, especially when investing in startups and early stage businesses. This is not an offer. There is and will be no private or public offering of shares in the USA, Canada, or Japan. Retail investors located in the USA, Canada and Japan will not be able to invest in this crowdfunding. This webpage is not directed at or addressed to retail investors in Germany, Belgium, France or The Netherlands. Curve cannot guarantee that interested retail investors from Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands will be able to invest due to local restrictions on offering securities.


Hi Hannah,
If an investor invests more than £1000, will they be eligible for Metal like the previous funding rounds?

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Hi, would this mean that if I invested in 2019 my shares will be diluted losing value if i don’t invest again?


Removing my own comment. LOL.


What investor rewards are you offering?

We have planned amazing rewards, including and not limited to: access to our Community Investor Group, a limited edition Curve swag pack, and free upgrade to metal and an annual call with our founder!

What benefits do I get as a shareholder?

There won’t be investor cards, this was an exclusive perk to our early investors.

@Hannah I guess it would be a good idea to add this last sentence to the FAQ-topic under “What rewards are you offering?”.


Not sure to understand a specific point clearly. Can French people invest? Thanks, have a good day.


Oh yeah! Thanks team for letting the pioneers, believers, and customers invest again in the company.


Must admit, I didn’t expect them to offer crowdfunding again - given the disinterest they’ve shown existing investors I thought they’d decided it wasn’t worth the overhead. Good on them for taking the trouble to do it.

I think I’ll be sitting this one out, but good luck to those who choose to invest!


For those ‘old aged people’ :smiley: who would choose to invest but who cannot benefit of any travel insurances, any ‘rewards’ as an upgrade scheme would make no sense. So I would suggest Curve to give unlimited cashback at n retailers to those investors. As a fact, as old people cannot benefit from travel insurances, there is no real interest to upgrade from the basic blue scheme. Hope to be heard :smiley::smiley::smiley:


@Hannah Can you provide more details on dilution and or a calculator for existing investors to know how many shares they would need to buy to not be diluted?


Good point, wonder if there is a calculator available to understand how many shares to buy to avoid diluation

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Hi guys, thanks for your questions!

We have amazing rewards, including and not limited to: access to our Community Investor Group, a limited edition Curve swag pack and free upgrade to metal, and an annual call with our founder! We will reveal our rewards package soon - make sure you pre-register to hear about the rewards first and get priority access to our campaign :blush:

@FlareCO @flyingdad Due to local laws and regulations, there are restrictions on our ability to offer securities to retail investors in your country. Therefore, this crowdfunding is not directed at or addressed to retail investors in Belgium, France, Germany or The Netherlands. You may indicate your interest to invest once our crowdfunding goes live but Curve cannot guarantee that you will be able to invest due to these local restrictions on offering securities.

I’m checking this for you now and will get back with an answer as soon as possible!


Hello again! @mit @belcebuu

Dilution affects your percentage shareholding in our company and does not impact the economic value of your shares, which increases or decreases in accordance with a company’s valuation. Your shares in Curve have gone up from £3.9586 in the previous campaign to £8.6212 today in line with Curve’s increase in valuation during that time. You may now hold a smaller percentage of Curve but the economic value of your shareholding has increased.

Today, our fully-diluted share count is 68,635,008. You can calculate your fully-diluted ownership percentage based on the number of shares you currently hold.

Assuming we hit our target raise of £1m in this crowdfunding campaign, we would be issuing at least another c.116k shares.

We hope this helps you work out your fully-diluted ownership following this campaign depending on the amount you may look to invest! :blush:


Hey Curve! I’m very interested to investing, in your product.
Original I’m from Israel. Can I do it? As Israel not part of the EU. Please let me know as I’m planning to invest good amount of money :moneybag:.
Thanks :blush:

Who can invest?

Anyone over the age of 18 from anywhere in the world. However, due to local laws and regulations, retail investors located in the USA, Canada and Japan will not be able to invest in this crowdfunding.

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Thanks for your reply!
In that case, it means I will be eligible to receive the investor card? Be eligible to use the product without any problem?

Thanks again,

At the moment Curve is only available to UK, EEA and USA residents. I guess you will not be able to use the product even if you become an investor if not resident of any of the regions mentioned.


Thanks for your answer :+1:
In that case, it’s not relevant for me. I can’t invest my money on product, I can’t use/try by my own.
Have a great day.