We are crowdfunding

I’d have thought first-dibs at investing would have been provided to current investors before going out to the general public? This way it made sure those who have, have another shot at increasing their investment before missing out! The last time it was chaos trying to get a connection to the page due to the large volume of traffic all trying to do the same. I’m keen to invest a bit more, but worry this time round I will be one of those who will struggle to get through!


How long will the metal upgrade be free if i get that reward?
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Can there be rewards that can be attached to your existing card like more rewards at shops etc? Or more features that you don’t have to pay for?

last time it was for a year

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Or 3 years or lifetime, depending on the investment amount

I am curious what the rewards and the corresponding investment amounts will be this time.


I wouldn’t expect much… :deaf_man: Main benefit will probably be you are allowed to invest (again)… :moneybag:

I’ve already got a CrowdCube account, but it’s under a different email address from my Curve one (a human would be able to tell they are the same “root” account as it’s just a plus addressed difference) - what should I do to be able to pre-register/invest?

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I think having the same e-mail address :e-mail: isn’t required, it’s just preferred. If you use different ones, you might sometimes need to do something :hot_face: to link your accounts (e.g. write moderators to receive investor badge here in community :hugs:).

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This is from the email I received, it’s about rewards for crowd funders.

Here’s a sneak peek at what your crowdfunding investment can get you:

Curve Insider: £17+
Join our exclusive community investor group.

Curve Agent: £500+
Reward above. Plus an exclusive Curve swag pack.

Curve VIP: £1K+
Rewards above. Plus a Curve VIP swag pack (inc. popular Curve hoodie!)

Curve Premium: £5K+
Rewards above. Plus a free upgrade to Curve Metal for 1 year.

Curve Elite: £25K+
Rewards above. Plus an annual chat with Curve founder, Shachar Bialick.


Someone clever can put an ecuation to calculate how much do we need to invest to keep the same percentage as before with no diluting? Thanks :smiley:

@Hannah so the current number of shares is 68,635,008 and how many will be there after the crowdfunding 72.5m?

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5k for Curve metal? really? come on!


This is hardly fair for the people who invested towards the last Crowdfund, where only 1K was needed for Metal membership.

25K for an annual chat with the founder. Really? Come on! Are you serious?


What do you need to do to get a Curve Red investor card?


Probably after having a chat with the boss. @Curve_TCB


What benefits do I get as a shareholder?

There won’t be investor cards, this was an exclusive perk to our early investors.

I’m not sure how much to invest in the company, but certainly if I had the chance to talk to the Staff, I would get the marketing people fired, the rewards promised are insignificant, Wirex’s for example were 100 times better with less money to invest. :sweat_smile:

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So, if I chuck another £17+ at Curve, I get access to this community forum that I am already part of? I will most probably still invest, but the ‘What’s in it for you?’ email was something else…


Same here. Already in metal but want the red metal investor card

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There never was a red metal investor card. There was a black metal investor card and there was a red plastic investor card. In this crowdfunding event there are no Investor cards.


Damn. That would have fun to get the black metal one without numbers and investor on it…

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