We are Rebranding!

We are Rebranding!

We’re still the same Curve you know and love. Same king of all cards. Same financial freedom fighter. We’ve just revamped our look. That’s right, Curve is rebranding – and in a swamp of boring banker blues and putrid personal finance pastels – red is THE colour. You’d be hard pressed to miss it! And damn, are we proud of our new look? :fire:

Have you spotted the tube ads?
What do you think? :smile:

The Card tier structure has not been affected by the rebrand. We will have to change the names, but the structure will remain the same.

How would you rename the Card tiers?

  • Curve Blue (free tier)
  • Curve Black
  • Curve Metal

From the press:


So can we now get a new red card replacement instead of blue?

Is the base tier now called Curve Red?

So, the colour change applies to media and publicity and doesn’t impact the card system?

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Is it just the marketing material or there will be change in tiers & card colours?

Great minds…:slightly_smiling_face:

Is that tube ad a mockup 9 different ads? Because if not, it looks like something people would look at for half a second, not learn anything about why Curve might be good for them, and then stop paying attention to it. It’s too busy, and most of doesn’t tell you anything.


Good question. Must admit, as it looks, it’s too busy if it’s an advert.

Some clarification please, @Curve_Marie?

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Er, why?


I totally agree, if this is the new marketing then I feel like they have failed at several of their own bullet points (as set out in their “New Look, Same Curve” post);

  • Uncomplicated
  • Distinctive
  • Trendsetting ?
  • Stylish
    It’s all too busy, needs to be much cleaner

Also would hope they’ve extensively split-tested the tube ads.

So curve isn’t said to be simple, one card for all your visa and mastercards! Great start.

This poster leaves me questioning who signed this off within Curve, what is the objective of the poster?

I look at it and find I don’t know what to look at first, so if I am on the underground in the mor I got I have less than a minute between trains and genuinely don’t believe I would take anything away from this if I was new to the product.

What is the product?
Why would I get the product?
How do I get the product?
Is it a credit card?
What is it called? 1 or Curve or 1 Curve?

It’s badly conceptualised and forgets who it’s aimed at.

As internal collateral, I’m sure it’s great but as external collateral it’s way off the mark.

All that said, I love the color red, so at least I like one part of it.

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Hm, not quite sure how I feel about this.
Is it really important right now to rebrand / put man hour into marketing & rebranding instead of fixing bugs and to keep up with competitors?

As of right now, Curve is one of the last fintechs / banks that do not support 3DS. But its essentiell for many users for online purchases!
More and more online shops decline payments where the card does not support 3DS.

2nd priority should be google + apple pay. So many users here on the forum (and im sure also many via email) have asked about it, almost every other bank supports it already, so Curve is not only ahead of brick and mortar banks on this, its actually behind.

Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE curve, I’d lose a lot of money if Curve stops working tmrw for 2 reasons:

  • I do a lot of online purchases in a different currency than my underlying card, with Curve I pay 0% fx fees and earn the miles on the underlying card on top.
    Without Curve I’d need to use my fx free card that doesn’t earn any points.
    This reason alone is HUGE for me for all my expensive business expenses

  • Curve allows me to carry only 1 card around and has GBiT, HUGE feature and I get instant notifications of transactions + refunds for my underlying cards that otherwise would take 3 days to post on their online system.

So you’ll never lose me as a customer as long as you have the above benefits, but lets be real, most of the users want to be hip, modern.

Usuability doesn’t matter anymore nowadays, people want a metal card even thou it costs more, its heavier, just because its shiny and “special”.
Most people who own an AmEx centurion card just want to have it as a show off.
So for these hip people you must support apple / google pay, because they want to be able to pay with their phone, just for the fun of it.
If their needs do not get satisfied soon, they move away from Curve and losing that customer base will be a signifcant cut, that you can’t even straighten out with any new flashy posters.

But thats just my 2cents on this.


Why not 3DS, google pay, apple pay, samsung pay

All us user care more about these feature instead of some markething
Its about everyday use


A revamp a few months back, now a rebrand. What about a bit of stability guys?

We don’t need rebrands. We need Apple Pay, Google Pay and a stop to all of these problems that seemed to have plagued the card lately. A rebranding exercise is going to do nothing to help with the real issues.


The blue card and tier will remain for now. We do have the red Metal card and a large interest for Black Metal Card. The first step in the rebrand is the visuals, which includes the advertisement and webpage. (Cc: @Graham, @samdlaw)

It is indeed a tube ad, not 9 different ads. It’s meant to pique your interest and spark conversations, it’s not a leaflet with a full list of our product features.

It’s a part of our new brand. It does not start and end with tube ads :smile:

Yes, we have! :wink: (Cc: @philipw)

It’s our Product and Developer teams who develop new features, not the Design and Brand teams. (Cc: @breakingbad

What revamp are you referring to?

The introduction of a new free card and the confusion with Black and Black legacy.

Now there will be even more confusion between a free blue card and a new free red card.

I take it the bottom tier will remain free?

A gentle reminder that this topic is on Curve’s Rebranding.

For discussions on features, please find existing or create new topics as needed.

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Yeah, I guess I could have made it much shorter, like the others, but I was on a roll :smiley:
Long story short: less rebranding, more new features :slight_smile:


I think it is best to lump it in together, because all I can see is one confusing mess. Sorry, don’t want to be negative, but I can’t see anything positive in this for your average user.

BTW, so are blue users just that, or is blue the new legacy match the paying black legacy?


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