We Have Launched Metal - UK!

We have forged the most exclusive member of the Curve Cards: Curve Metal. A whole new world of first-class experiences and financial freedom comes standard with every card. Curve Metal comes in a selection of colours: Blue Steel, Rose Gold and our exclusive Limited Edition Red.

As our community member, you get the sneak peak!

Introducing the most rewarding Curve card:

  • Unlimited use of Amex with auto top-up and no top-up service fees
  • Buyer protection by Mastercard Elite
  • Unlimited fee-free exchange spending while abroad with access to the interbank rate (subjected our Fair Use Policy)
  • Worldwide travel insurance for your and your family with up to £15M medical coverage and many other perks such as car rental CDW insurance and lost luggage insurance
  • Worldwide gadget insurance for your precious belongings
  • Lounge access at 950+ airports worldwide with LoungeKey (coming soon)

Curve Metal is launching at £14.99 per month. As a current UK Curve Black customer, you can get 2 months of Curve Metal for free. You’ll pay for the first month, followed by 2 free months. Update your Curve app and you will be one of the first to access the new Curve Metal

Our first batch is only 10,000 Curve Metal cards. First come, first served. Curve Metal benefits will kick-off as soon as you subscribe, with your current card, except for LoungeKey lounge access as this benefit depends on the physical card.

Learn more about Curve Metal here.



What’s the regular price for Curve Metal if £14.99 is the introductory price?

I notice there is a £50 fee for the card if you cancel the subscription so a) what is to stop anyone who wants a metal card going this route and b) why not offer this to anyone who only wants the card? I realise that those people who signed up for Black at the start would lose the Black legacy tier, so that would stop people doing this, but others would portentially have nothing to lose.

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I’m pretty sure that it said yesterday that you could go back in time 30 days with the metal card, now it’s saying 14 days. Is it going to be 30 days or was that a mistake?

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OK - I’m sold and want to upgrade. How do I do it? All links just lead to the App Store. I’m an existing Black Card user so want the 2 months trial.

If you stop your Metal sub and downgrade to Black or Blue you’ll also be issued with a new card and the metal one will just become a souvenir!

Well guys i have just upgrade to the Curve Metal and looking forward to using in .
i have had the Black for some time and love it and i keep telling people above it

but hope the Perks get better also

wow, that seems daft. The expense of having to reproduce another card!

So people subscribe to metal without the faintest idea of what the lounge offer is? 60% off? £15/visit? Complimentary access?

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Well changing from Curve Beta app to Curve public app has completely broken my account :joy: :disappointed:

I can no longer log in to either the Curve public app or Curve Beta… This is where tech companies frustrate me. I’m now waiting for an email support response :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

Oh that’s annoying - I take it you uninstalled the old version first? I did that (on Android) and it seemed to go OK.

Yeh I did, now when I login I just get an error:

:frowning: hope support can help!

After posting this and clicking “Try again” a few times it worked! Maybe their servers were having some issues!

Perhaps I’m cynical but is the Android/Apple Pay taking so long so people get the metal card first? I would not need a change of material if I could use my phone or watch to pay…

Rob, thanks for your query. You can subscribe to Curve Metal and cancel after 6 months, but as soon as you cancel the card is blocked and no longer valid. There is no way to get the Curve Metal card working with the Curve Blue benefits.

Hi Ben, glad you want to upgrade!

To upgrade to Metal, just make sure you get the latest App and you’ll find the path under the Card tab (Manage my Subscription). Please notice you will have to pay the first month if you do it monthly (and that there’s a 6-months minimum subscription - 2 of those included as a discount).

Also, once you upgrade to Curve Metal you lose the right to your Curve Black Legacy benefits.

We’ve created a living document for FAQs here: January Launch FAQs

How long should we expect to wait for curve metal card. I upgraded on the 17th January and after seeing other users receiving theirs recently, wondering where mine is. I know it says 3-7 working days on the FAQ but today is the 7th working day and still nothing. @Curve_Marie

It really shouldn’t take longer than that. There are a few others who haven’t received their yet either. Sorry for the delay. We will introduce tracking for Metal cards in the future - in the process on mapping the logistics of it.

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