We Have Launched Metal - UK!

If you’ve upgraded, you’ll have been moved over to the new Curve Black Subscription automatically. If you try to move to Curve Metal, you’ll be charged I believe.

Thats what I am saying, as a Legacy Black user, I get 2 months trial on New Black, without having to change to a subscription. So, I havent upgraded, yet.

Implied timeline, that should be possible, for Legacy Black users;
-From now, for 2 months, have trial version of New Black
-After that 2 months, upgrade to either New Black and pay £9.99pm…or, upgrade to Metal, pay 1 month of £14.99 and get 2 months free

Just trying to clarify if that is the case?

No, because you’d already have had 2 months free on the black tier. I stand to be corrected tjough

Already had?

When did the subscription offering start? I was under impression it was from yesterday?

If you go into your Curve app, click card in the bottom left, can you see Curve Black? If so, tap manage subscription and you should see your Black subscription

I do, yes…which is showing as ‘Free | Current plan’.

From We Have Launched Subscriptions! it says that Legacy Black get 3 months (sorry, not 2) of New Black…then option to continue or grandfather Legacy Black

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Have you got a screenshot? (I was on the beta so might have changed)

Screenshot of the other post?

I am Legacy Black, with free period of New Black, as per that post;

With these additional benefits, Curve Black is moving to a subscription-based service of £9.99 per month . As a current Curve Black cardholder, we are giving you 3 months of the new Curve Black for free. You’ll also have the option of being Grandfathered .

That isn’t in question, the question is, after that 3 months can we then move to a subscription offering with an upgrade to Metal…and still get the 2 free months on that;

Curve Metal is launching at £14.99 per month. As a current UK Curve Black cardholder you can get up to 2 months of Curve Metal for free. You’ll pay for the first month, followed by 2 free months. Alternatively, you can pay £150 for a year.

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Can someone point me towards the direction of the T&Cs for the gadget insurance please as I can’t find them?

I only received the travel insurance docs by email.

@Rodakos Here’s a link to the UK T&Cs: https://res.cloudinary.com/dzatxn6bx/image/upload/v1548593170/website-v2/Documents/UK/UK-Terms_and_Conditions_of_Insurance_provided_by_AXA_Travel_Insurance-24.01.2019.pdf

With Metal no longer being offered and a key benefit no longer available, will you offer a full refund of the £150 for the annual subscription?


A potential option would be to downgrade you to the Curve Black Tier at no extra cost and let you carry on using Metal. Spitballing here.

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I’m sure many of your have many questions regarding the current AmEx situation.
Please be patient and wait til the Curve team have come up with a game plan.
They’ll let us know ASAP once they have some news.

Asking via email / in app ticket / in the forum the same question several times will not speed up the process, it will actually slow it down since the Curve team will need to read and reply to more messages.

So please be patient.


No longer being offered?

@Curve_Alejandro @Curve_Marie — After seeing all pictures of the metal cards received by lucky UK members…it’s more difficult to wait for mine here in France…:frowning:
I understand that the team is focused on the current Amex issue and the way to bring back Amex to Curve, i know, but please don’t forget metal cards for other countries …:-:ghost::fr:

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Hi Patrick, thank you for your words. Trust us when we say we really want to bring Metal to the rest of Europe. It is not that simple operationally and we’ll roll Curve Metal out as soon as we can. I know it doesn’t help much - but just wanted to let you know we haven’t forgotten our European customers! :slight_smile:

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Great words. Sounds great for me… It seems that nobody ordered the Pink one yet…i feel i’ll be the only one who will order that colour…:slight_smile:

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I ordered a week ago but it didn’t arrive until now. Well… don’t know whether it has been dispatched. Already passed 7 days which they gave us 28 cooling day off period. Let’s see how it looks great though!

Important information update:

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