We Have Launched Metal - UK!

Are curve rewards only for 90 days still with the metal card?

Ordered on Jan 28th. Another person that is still waiting for the Metal Card… Curve are very happy to take your subscription fee, but are not as quick to send you the card or even reply to Emails. Already 7 days into the 14/28 day cooling off period.

I would imagine the actual printing and posting of these cards are out of Curve’s control. Although not ideal isn’t it only the actual card that hasn’t arrived yet since you upgraded, all the features are working.

Yes. I even think that, this offer is for new Curve customers only. If you’re existing, you’re not eligible.

Apart from Amex and Lounge Access.

We know about Amex and Lounge Access is coming soon.

So, hardly all features working then. It’s also been 2 weeks since I ordered a metal card so half way through the extended 28 day cooling off period and I have no card and not all features working!

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OK, 1. Amex - we know the score. 2. Lounge Access - is not yet available and was not available when people subscribed to Metal. Therefore it is only the lack of a physical metal card that is missing at this time, which has no bearing on the usability of the account within the cooling of period.

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Re the lounge access
the website reads - up to 60% discount
I was under the impression that Elite Mastercards get free access (some cases for the onwer and a companion) - see santander Elite MC (15GBP/mo)
How come this one you still have to pay?!
Also - still no one knows if this card is really an Elite card (has the logo on the back) or not - as there are quite a few benefits on the Elite side alone only

What’s about the MasterCard World Elite benefits?

It is really a World Elite card, it clearly says so on the back and the logo on the front (silver MC logo) is exclusive to World Elite cards.

However, just because it is a World Elite card doesn’t automatically enable all the benefits. This clearly needs to be set up between MasterCard and Curve first, which apparently hasn’t been done. You can already see when comparing other World Elite cards that the benefits differ between them.

I cannot sign up to World Elite benefits on the MasterCard website as the card BIN is not recognised (yet?).

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Thanks- saw that however you can’t login so was looking for clarification


you cant login probably cz mastercard and Curve have not agreed or signed on the benefits package yet

I’m in the same position, wondering if it even is going to come or not.

I gathered however I’m just asking for clarity as to what the benefits are before the 28day cool off is reached

World Elite VIP Privileges include:*

  • Abercrombie & Kent VIP Travel
  • Chic outlet shopping villages
  • Raffles Hotels and Resorts VIP Guest Status
  • Sixt
  • Small Luxury Hotels
  • Fairmont Hotels and Resorts VIP Guest Status
  • Hertz
  • Swissotel Hotels and Resorts VIP Guest Status
  • Starwood Hotels
  • The Leading Hotels of the world

Thanks - I saw that but again there is no clear detail from curve to confirm these or other benefits (just TBD) and you can’t login to the MasterCard benefits area.

We all know that Amex is currently not available however given that there is no information on other benefits such as this so I’m not sure the product was really as ready as they made out it was (outside of Amex issue)

What we know:
The metal card itself is great (I went for red) :+1:
The insurance is ok (not sure I will use this)
Amex is currently unavailable but may return
Zero fees when abroad :+1:

Given the 28day deadline I’m simply trying to get clear info on the other benefits before the deadline so I can make an informed decision if the £150/year is worth it/ what it gets you!

Finally a suggestion - have a dedicated support channel or call back option for metal card holders (not sure 9 days + and still waiting response time is good for any premium product regardless of the issues)

@london2tim Not all cards marked “World Elite VIP” include these privileges. It depends on the issuer and, given what Curve is charging (and the statement that there is merely a discount on lounge access, with payment required) I think it must be clear that Curve metal does not include all the benefits. @Jonty

You’d also need a Select account with Santander in order to get the World Elite card, which requires the account holder to pay in at least £5k a month. So the financial commitment is there, it’s not just a case of £15 a month.

Or the world elite card with HSBC Premier, which requires minimum of £75k annual salary + mortgage with them, and with a £195 annual fee.

That’s why the above world elite card issuers are able to provide unlimited free lounge access with LoungeKey.

For just £15 a month, Curve would be making a huge loss if they decide to provide the same level of access …